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My experience at Monett High School was nothing but exceptional. Some of my greatest memories were made there and I enjoyed pretty much every second of it. The Monett community is so close (everyone knows everyone), and they would all do anything to help. I met some of my best friends in Monett who I know will stay close for the rest of my life. There was a wide variety of sports to play, which was a big deal for me. The coaches and teachers were great. They loved to help their players and students. They were very much respected by the majority of the students and they respected the students just as much. I wouldn't change my high school experience for anything.
I would like to see Monett prepare students more for college. Most of the classes I took I felt like did not prepare me for actual college classes. I felt somewhat overwhelmed at first because I was never taught how to properly study for tests and that put me a little behind when I started college. Organization and studying skills would really be two things that Monett could help students prepare better for.
My time at Monett High was one of averagness. I spent my time going to classes, reading, or studying. It was the typical high school experience, you make friends and learn from great and not so great teachers. All the while two amazing counsoulers have your back the entire time.
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I feel like Monett is a very good school. The only thing I disliked about Monett is the administration. Everything else is excellent about this school. Especially College readiness and the resources they have available to the students.
Monett School District has done amazing things to get me ready for college. As I entered high school in 2014 my high school officially switched to mod scheduling. This caused me to have to experience a different type of schedule to where my classes are at different times everyday and different lengths. This is something I am very grateful for as it is the closest a high school can get to replicating a college schedule which should help prepare me for the future four years.
I liked that we had the opportunity to have resource times and mod scheduling. I found that it helped me out a lot with my grades all 4 years of high school.
Although fairly strict on dress, phone, and timeline policies, Monett High School presented me with enriching experience, hundreds of opportunities, and educators who truly care for their job and students. But the experience will only open to you if you allow yourself to experience it. Have an open mind and join great clubs such as FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), Key Club, and FFA (Future Farmer's of America) to experience opportunities and learn about careers for your future. The GO CAPS program allows students to work with real businesses in the area to test a field that they believe they would enjoy. Students demonstrate kindness in the hallways and classrooms, and treat others with respect. Overall, the things I learned at Monett High School have well above prepared me for the world ahead.
At Monett R-1 High School we participate in mod scheduling. While this causes some issues for children it also helps provide them resource times, where students are able to work on homework and receive one on one time with teachers to help with work. With that said, there are only so many teachers in the resource room at one time so with multiple students it sometimes can be hard for the teacher to get to each student. Another issue that occurs is scheduling conflicts between the teacher for a particular class and the corresponding student looking for aid.
Over all I love Monett. I was raised here and so was my mother before me. I love the faculty and how they are about the kids and really getting to them as people. I think they try really hard to provide different learning methods for all kinds of students. I also really like all the many career opportunity they provide in the High School and how to help you prepare for college and after high school plans. I think that all round it's a safe and very welcoming place to be.
We started out in a normal block scheduling system, but then my sophomore year, we adopted the modular scheduling system. And that system has changed the way we work in high school. It adds in time called "resource time" which we would use in between classes to get our work done. Overall, I have had the best experience in Monett, Missouri.
Monett high school is great, i moved from springfield at the start of my 7th grade year and I have loved this school ever since, the thing I like most is that all of the teachers care and it seemed like none of them did in springfield
The teachers do all they can to help their students succeed. They care for you both in and out of the classroom. The implementation of MOD scheduling helps prepare students to wisely manage their time for college.
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