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Monessen Highschool isnt necessarily a "bad" school it just doesnt have the best resources for the students attending. They most definitely do try their best though with what they have. Monessen has given me the opportunity to prove that even though I come from small beginnings I can make a bigger impact and not really my intelligence my my attitude towards things. Theyve helped me think outside the box even when I wasnt given a box to begin with.
It's a small school district. I like that because everyone knows everyone, and the classes are smaller. Wish they had more clubs that you could get involved in.
Overall it wasn't a bad school but there were little supplies and the staff worried about trivial things instead of teaching it's students. The school itself was considered a joke to its staff and student body alike.
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Monessen City school district is a small school district. We are like are own little community, like a family. There are the things I would change, however. The food, the crappy school board, and the tyranal dean of students
My high school was vert small, which made all of my classmates and I very close. I am grateful for this because I believe that if I had went to a larger school I would not have been able to make the friendships that I made. However no school is perfect. The aspect of my high school that I did not like was the multitude of negative attitudes towards the educational system.
Monessen City School District truly does a fantastic job teaching despite the difficulties in the city itself. They have barely any funds, but still manage to produce successful students each year. I would like to see more money come in to the district in order to benefit future students.
The school district is very informative and willing to help you in any way possible. They genuinely care about the students and their families.
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