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Monadnock Regional School District Reviews

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Overall the experience that I got from monadnock was not too bad most people were nice and the help was there if you need it. I would recommend the school to other as well
A lot of the teachers in this school district genuinely care about their student's education and want to see us succeed.
As a current junior at MRHS, I can provide some positive aspects of our school and many issues we face. One, our one arts program is excellent, but receives little to no funding and has faced the threat of complete annihilation for years on end. Our textbooks are old, outdated, and fall apart easily. Many teachers don’t put in the same effort they expect us to give, and care solely about the money and getting through the day, not our education.
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I loved my time at Monadnock! I felt prepared for college and had some wonderful teachers. The MRSD administration does not function well and needs help. It seems like they are much more focused on money than students.
Monadnock Regional School District prepared me fairly well for life after high school. Most teachers are very open to helping students in any way possible. Many of the teachers do not want to see the students fail and although many don't just give out grades, they give opportunities to make up bad grades.
Simply put: your average high school experience. Most teachers are friendly, most students are "cliquey". I really enjoyed some of the extra curriculum activities, such as color guard. Art department was pretty fantastic when I was enrolled. Graduated from this school in 2014
I enjoy all of the help from teachers they provide. Each teacher is willing to go out of their way to help you, and make you the best student possible. The community in Monadnock is one of a kind, and very spiritual. Monadnock is overall a great school.
This school has some amazing parts to it, and some parts that need help. Another problem that the school has is that, from a students perspective, don't use the budget wisely. They spend money on things that aren't needed as much as a new stage in the auditorium or new books. They also have replaced one Spanish teacher for another each year I was going to school there.
Although there are some things that weren't the best in the school, there were plenty of good things as well. The teachers there are amazing, a lot of them actually care for the students that come through their doors. Some in particular would sit down with a student and make sure that they fully understand the material. Others would understand all the stress that was on the students, seniors especially, and would try to make things better. The school would hold meetings with the students to talk about drugs or how to be motivated to keep going, that was always good to see.
This school is in a very small town, and with a graduating class of 106, you can't help but feel like a family. The people in this building and this district really care about you. Monadnock is a family.
Overall not a bad school. I wish that they cared more about the arts instead of only caring about sports.
Where do I start? Monadnock is an intersting school located in the small town of Swanzey. It's a division three school and has a wide variety of classes, clubs and sports. The teachers here is what makes Monadnock so great. They're willing to go above and beyond what is required of them for their students (if the students are willing to learn). Monadnock is a pretty typical high school. There's stress and drama but if you don't focus on those that aspect of school life then you can meet some amazing people and make some great memories. The classes here are pretty diverse and you can take most of them at different levels of difficulty (CP, honors, and AP) like most schools and it offers online classes too. Unfortunately, this school has a lot of budget cuts so the classes have been getting larger (this might not be a problem for people who like a bigger groups).
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