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Mona Shores Public School District Reviews

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Everything at Mona Shores is pretty great. I love all of the teachers and staff, and all of their clubs are great. They do a great job at balancing success, fun, and safety.
It was a very diverse school which I liked. I also like how they always tried to get every kid involved! One thing I didn’t like though was that they cared more about sports than academics
Overall a decent school. The inability to allow students to challenge themselves early is an issue. For those that test in to Algebra in 9th grade will not be able to utilize the credit for graduation thus forcing the student to take additional math classes to fulfill requirements.
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Mona shores public schools can be a wonderful place to send your child My own personal experience there was overall a good one. I always got the help I needed and everyone was very accommodating to my own issues and needs. The arts and music programs are some of the best things about the school. I highly recommend attending and sending your children here.
I enjoyed the diversity of the school and being able to connect with people from all different backgrounds. I also enjoyed the safety of the school by having an on campus cop present at all times. I did not like that there was very minimal college preparation
I love it here. A friendly environment and very friendly teachers. Everyone is kind and helpful. I personally like the way the school is situated. Everything is very clear and precise. The counselors are very caring and understanding. The office women and men are very caring.
The school has many clubs and different variety of classes available to students, which allows for at least two classes for the job you would like to specify in. The school also offers an amazing range of sports and is paired with some of the best high school coaches in Michigan.
Something that I liked about Mona Shores was the faculty. They always cared about you and how you were doing. They want to see you succeed. Something that I would change is how the football team was always favorited when it came to money between the sports and arts.
Overall, there are many aspects of MSHS that sets it apart from all others. Its opportunities are tailored to fit practically all students, from our exceptional football team, to the endless clubs and after-school activities, to our very own choir's "America's Tallest Singing Christmas Tree". Additionally, academics are a strong suit. We offer more than 15 Advanced Placement courses, along with several honors classes. If a rigorous workload isn't quite your forte, plenty of specialized options are available. I believe that our teachers, while tough at times, thoroughly enjoy teaching the material and have our best interests at heart. We have a generally enthusiastic and encouraging staff. The only downside of Shores, though, would probably be our school food. To be fair, no cafeteria food is high-grade. There are plenty of options off-campus, though.
Mona Shores High School in Muskegon ,MI is the best school around the community, the teachers build relationships with each student they never leave one behind. The communication between the students are excellent with Mona shores being a very high excell school each student makes sure the next person is on track and understands the subjects.
I liked that Mona Shores does a great job preparing the students for college but they also have so many different clubs and sports you can join. Shores does well with making sure everyone feels as if they have a place.
Nothing at this time but the school is great i would recommend parents to send their children there.
Mona Shores creates a fantastic learning environment. During my years there, not only have I learned in academic areas, but I have also learned life skills that will serve me throughout my life. The environment is extremely welcoming and positive where students find a second family with the people in their classes. Mona Shores provides countless opportunities for students to challenge themselves in the classroom, and countless other opportunities for students to pursue their interests outside the classroom. There are sports, clubs, and extra curriculars that fit the interests of all students. The other thing that I will always remember about my experience at Shores is the support that I always felt from my teachers and peers. Whether I was struggling in the classroom or had a tough match on the soccer fields, I would always find students and teachers supporting me throughout my high school career.
Mona Shores is an outstanding school district. Especially the high school. Every teacher I had was personable and respectful and, most important, knew how to do their job well. I honestly can't think of a thing that should change.
Mona Shores has been very good to me, I have been brought up through the district since preschool. The diversity is one of my favorite parts of receiving my education here because you get a taste of the diversity in the real world. The sports teams and coaches are stellar as is the education. Somethings that id say is lacking is that the facilities are outdated such as heating and cooling and bathrooms. Also the counseling and support part of the administration. Although true, these dont take away from the school's great atmosphere and learning envirnemnt.
There is a one-on-one feel to the relationship between the teachers and the students. They really seem to care.
I had a really pleasing high school experience. There were plenty of programs for me to join and find true friends. I always felt like the teachers truly cared about me and my in school success. I still have teachers at Mona Shores that I will email if I'm having troubles with a class in college.
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I have loved every minute at this school because I have taken advantage of the many opportunities for extracurriculars that Mona Shores offers.
They have great opportunities for AP classes, sports, and the arts. I was in marching band and I had a family away from home. It was the most fun I ever had in my life. It's amazing how Mona Shores can help you to make friendships that will last a lifetime, all the while preparing you for what lies beyond high school. I miss high school and all of my teachers. They taught me everything I needed to know in order to be prepared for college life.
Mona shores was a very good high school. I had a rich learning experience, lots of fun and plenty of kind and attractive young women to interact with. My only problem with the student body had a general ideology that they were better than everyone else which really wasn't the case at all. Honestly, the cruelty and general disrespectful nature of the majority of my fellow classmates caused me not make many friends. Overall, I would have to say it was much better than my alternatives.
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