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Moline Unified School District No. 40 Reviews

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Moline Senior High School was a great school. I learned many things in all my classes and my teachers were great when it came to me needing a little extra help. I played soccer for three years and loved every minute of it. I was able to stay active while being pushed academically. The school offers many programs and events to keep us from overwhelming ourselves throughout testing periods. Now that I am in college, I believe Moline High School prepared me to be successful. I loved my high school experience and hope to one day be able to go back and teach there and inspire future students like my teachers inspired me to be a teacher.
The teachers and classes are exceptional, most of the teachers spend a lot of time going over the material if you’re struggling. There is MANY choices for classes, the art department in particular and social study classes. Although some kids are troublesome the school overall has a lot to offer
One aspect I grew to appreciate with the Moline Unified School District is the amount of dual-credit and AP courses at the high school because I am able to bypass many of my freshman courses in college. However, the school can always improve on the periods courses are available since some classes conflict with other courses, and students are unable to take classes they planned to take. By creating more periods for certain classes, more of the student body will have access to the classes that are in demand. Overall, the school holds many great qualities and grants its students with many opportunities for their future.
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I love how all of the teachers in the district care about each and every student. Great staff that really know how to be around kids and how to do their job at a very high level.
I would like to see the teachers put more effort in teaching these kids. I have a sister there now whose teacher use the toughness of college professors as an excuse to not help them as much. When in reality college professors take the time to help when asked. The same thing happened to me when I attended as well. I liked all the new healthy lunch options they had given us and they were taking all the cyber bullying very seriously which I thought was good. However, need to get away from the favoritism of students when it comes to sports. Certain students shouldn't be able to do whatever if you play a sport or not the right sport.
I liked the staff and how some cared very much about their students. I wish they would take better care of the school, I wish lunches were better, students weren't as rude, and some of the staff was a lot better and cared more.
My experience in the Moline School District has been very welcoming. Coming in as a new student in seventh grade, I didn't know any other students. I was extremely nervous because I had been homeschooled up until entering the Moline School District, and I didn't have a community of people surrounding me to provide support. However, upon starting seventh grade, I was immediately pursued by teachers who cares about my well-being and involvement and an academic program that provided an simple transition from homeschooling to public school. The Moline School District is committed to making students feel welcome and accepted, and the environment is enriching and diverse.
Facility was not air conditioned so it was hard to focus on the warm days. I only had a few teachers who were good at preparing me for college and that was only during my senior year. I wish the school was more unified as a diverse group and I wish that the teachers displayed the importance for equality. Only a select number of the teachers were good with dealing with troubled children and that really takes away from the child's learning and all the kids around as well. Overall I gave my high school a three out of five because of the lack of prep for college.
I only went to the district's high school, but I did enjoy my experience there. They had a great dual-enrollment program that helped me finish one whole year of college. If I did have to change one thing it would have to be the PE curriculum. I did not find it very interesting because it was very repetitive. I would include more diversity in the activities we did.
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