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Mojave Unified School District Reviews

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I like the people, the people are nice and very helpful. They also have transportation for the kids that can't get to school in the morning and after school. They make sure that we have everything we need, if in need of anything at all they will be on it and make sure you are satisfied. I recently moved here to Mojave and started school here in eleventh grade and I have a great relationship with the teachers, counselor, and the principal. I also love how the school is small enough to like I said before meet every single person that works their but when they see kids having a hard time they will help you and make you feel more comfortable at school and in your classroom.
I really enjoy how the district looks out for the best of its students the schools within it have great staff and environment that it really great for learning. California City High School offers many dual enrollment classes and have great teachers that always work to prepare the students for college and the real world.
I like that my school district is small, you can have that one on one with a teacher or the counselor. There are school meetings in which you can stand in front of the school board and express issues that you have along with solutions to those issues. Things I'd like to see change would be the academics, we do not have California level academics, our engineering teacher isn't properly trained to teach engineering she also does not understand that her not being qualified affects our learning a ton.
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My school is very organized and studious. They care for their students, on a personal level. They truly believe that their students can and will succeed, and will do everything possible to help them do so.
I go to California City High School, the school is a pretty good school but there isn't any motivation.
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