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Not the greatest school for what it’s made out to be. Teachers don’t help you with much and our administrators aren’t very strict. The past few years have proven just how loose our security is and how unprepared our students are in case of an actual emergency. We don’t practice fire or tornado drills properly to the full extent and our parents are uninformed of emergencies at the school until after it happens or by their child. The books we have for some of the classes are over 20 years old and don’t have covers or some pages in them. The school glorifies sports to an extreme so if you aren’t a star athlete then you are no one in the school.
What I like about Mohawk Local School District is that it cares about the kids. One thing I would change is probably either different types of sports or more clubs.
I attend this school right now and it is a very nice and clean school! although the dress code this year hasn't gotten a little strict to where the girls more-less cant wear leggings anymore. but other than that i don't have any other problems with this school! I have attend this school every since pre-K and i can honestly say that over the past couple years we have had a lot of new students coming to our school for all grades!
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The school is very clean and they have some fun things to do. What i would like to see change t this school is that they don't have favorites and that everyone gets treated the same.
What I like about Mohawk is that all the teachers actually care about the students. If someone is struggling then it will be in the teachers best interests to help the student that way they understand the material.
I would like to see better math teachers in the High School and a better sophomore and junior English teacher. I would also like to see nicer students because, in my experience, not very many of the girls in the 2019 graduating class and many of the lower classes are very rude.
Mohawk was a good school at times but at other times if you were a student that went to sentinel it felt like at times you didn't matter to the staff as much as students who were always at Mohawk. They encourage you to go to Sentinel then when you do they treat you differently and make you out of the loop when it comes to keeping you updated on things that are going on.
It is a very nice new school. Somethings could change though like the teachers so need to retire. The food is awful its freezer burnt.
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