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Mohawk Area School District Reviews

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Its awesome. We are amazing at basketball and have lots of people to hit dingers in baseball. We are the smartest on the district and the PSSAs prove it. We also offer some of the best teachers in America
I had some of the best teachers at Mohawk. They were very supportive and made class fun and interesting. The lunches were not so great but better than you see at other schools.
I attended Mohawk all four years of High School, what I experienced was a school that had little care for any class that was not related to “STEM” which is good if that’s your career path, but if not, you’re out of luck. Most of the teachers put little effort into their classes and take on the “not my problem” mentality. The guidance office is often slow in pushing out data, and are often not in their offices during the day. Most of the work seems to fall on one Secretary while the counselors do nothing.
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I liked the teachers and their passion for the students. Over the years the administration has gotten a lot better. I would like to see change in their funding, as the music department doesnt get a lot of financial support.
This school is in a small town so everyone knows everyone. The teachers and academics aren't as challenging as I would prefer. There is not much diversity, it is predominantly white. The staff and administration are extremely supportive and kind. The food and facilities are good. The school culture is fun and country. The clubs and activities are fun to be involved in such as art club and academic games. The sports are fun to watch and be involved in, a lot of female sports go far.
I enjoy the people of Mohawk and how they run the school for the area in which we are. I would like to see more diversity, growth, and acceptance of everyone within the school though. Possibly some higher academic options as well.
Most of the teachers were nice and helpful. The students are not the best, there are some that should not be passing classes that still do.
During my 13 years at Mohawk Area School District, I learned lots of different things. I had many teachers that helped me through lots of different things in life. They were always welling to help me with anything. I believe I got a good education at Mohawk. When I went for my first year of college though I was a little out of it because I was not as college ready as I thought. At Mohawk I was part of many different clubs and activities and I never felt left out which was nice. When I woke up every day I never had the fear of going to school because I believe it was very safe. At Mohawk the administration was not always the best but they did try to look out for the students the best they could.
The Mohawk School District has provided me a well-rounded education with a lot of different opportunities to explore different interests. It is a small population school, so everyone knows everyone and all are extremely supportive in the school and school events. The school is very secure and make the students and faculty feel safe. The administration is sensitive to and meets the needs of the students.
This school district cares about their students and their futures. They help you find colleges and scholarships. The student's ideas and needs are taken into consideration.
Mohawk is an amazing school, the teachers are so nice and understanding. I’ve went to school there my entire life and it’s been such a great experience.
Mohawk has a very good curriculum to prepare the students for their college life. The teachers are very involved in all of the students education and seem to really care about helping us to reach our full potential.
All the teachers were great! They helped me out figure out my college and they helped me with all my school work.
Mohawk has been filled with wonderful teachers during my time there. However, recently the only thing they are worried about are their state test scores. Therefore, once you pass your tests there is really no point in going to school. The teachers really are wonderful people, who truly care about their students' well being.
Although myself and several classmates have done well for ourselves 10 years out of MHS, poor college preparedness. I had a lot of catching up to do when I got to college.
There is no diversity here. The teachers and other faculty have no experience dealing with anyone who is not a well-to-do white kid. If you want to be a football star you'll have all the facilities you want, but if you want any kind of art or theater experience, there is none. The administration is not interested in resolving problems between students or creating a comfortable environment. Their answer is always that there isn't anything they can do. But they get new gadgets and charge kids more every year without providing a quality environment to teach kids to be kind and productive. They just want them in and out.
The school is overall a great environment for learning. I would like to see the dress code relaxed more so that the focus can be directly on education.
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Mohawk is the best high school that one could imagine attending. While yes it is not perfect, as with anything really, I could never see myself going and graduating from anywhere else. The students and teachers are compassionate and will do anything to help you to succeed as long as you are willing to help yourself.
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