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Modesto City High School District Reviews

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I liked that they really prepare you for college and help you along the way to make you become successful. I also like the academic opportunities and spirit they got.
What I liked about Modesto City Highschool district is the classes and teachers but the kids there aren't great. If I could I'd make freshmen and sophomores have 4th lunch while Juniors and seniors have 5th to avoid conflict. Also getting to class through the hallways is hell, I wish they'd make pathways for one door to go in and the other out otherwise there's always drama when some kid thinks you bump them on purpose when you're just trying to get to class, but now you can't because this pressed person wants to start something that wasn't even your fault to begin with.
Personally, my experience with Modesto City High School District has been fairly good, mostly because I have always accepted my responsibility as a student. Going to school is not only about being there and sit in a desk, besides we are there to actually get to pay attention. All staff members had been always such nice and helpful people.
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What I like about the school is that it is so diverse and the friend groups are mixed up. Everyone gets along with everyone and no one gets left behind. I wouldn’t actually like to change the school because the way it is right now is what makes it different than the rest.
I have been in several other school districts but Modesto City High School District is very unique compared to others because they show us respect, and they show us how to be a successful person in life.
I love Modesto HIgh! I love how much diversity there is and how many clubs, and programs they offer.
Good education and think the safety of the student in the campus and safe respect and resourceful and responsible
My experience for the past 3 years at Modesto High School has definitely been a wild ride. Coming here from a small k-8 school had opened me up to a whole new environment . There are a variety of ethnicities as well as different types of people . Mohi has its good and it’s bad but it offers many good programs such as IB and Avid as well as different clubs and sports . The staff are super supportive and will do whatever they can to protect the students
Overall my experience with the Modesto City High School district was very good. I was extremely lucky to have such great teachers that were dedicated to the education of their students and instilled helpful study habits that will help me exceed at the next level in college. However one aspect of the district that I think can improve education greatly is the level of classes available to high school students. Most of my classes were advanced placement, however I felt like there was a big drop off in the rigor and work load between AP and college prep. CP classes consist of busy work and worksheets that don’t do justice to what students will be faced with in college. There should be a middle level between CP and AP, so there isn’t much of a gap between the two levels for the students deciding on what classes to take. This would give a much better balance in the school district and improve education opportunities for all students.
My experience has been very positive so far in terms of academics. The environment in the AP classes I have taken were productive but the “college prep” classes left much to be desired. Teachers of these classes are not motivated to teach, patient, or able to control the classroom.
It's not that good unless you go to one of the nicer schools like Enochs of Gregori. I also hear that Modesto High is pretty good because they have the IB program.
The schools are nice and teachers can be helpful but not all the time. Lunch ladies can be rude and hard to understand but the food is average not much flavor though. There is a wide variety of electives and high academic level classes to choose from but instruction of material can vary. Overall it’s very good.
Modesto city schools district is one who genuinely cares about their students. One who will put our safety as a priority. They think of every situation and it’s outcome to properly make decisions. When I arrive at school I know that I am in one of the safest places I can be.
Let me tell, you about this district. Buckle up because it is a wild ride. For the sake of keeping my safety, well safe, I have chosen to just pick the district. My high school experience wasn't the best, but I mean who's is. My school for example had many issues, from students ditching to people having sex in the hall ways or in the bathroom floors (gross and unsanitary). The academics at the school however were excellent. I was enrolled in honor courses, which allowed me to only communicate with the same group of people which was great. The district its self is going through some things. It is currently trying to figure out which schedule works best for students. Policies still have its kinks, but security has gotten better, which is a major plus.
What I like about the Modesto High School is that you can be whatever you want and still have a good time. You can be the kid who does everything to the kid who is reserved and does little to nothing and have a good time. I just wish that there would be more funding to make all the experiences in the program that much better.
The people within the district are unlike any other. All members of staff are looking out for students and their academic futures. The principal is extremely encouraging and is seen around campus as not only an authority figure, but a person who genuinely cares about each and every students future. Students are very friendly and allow for a productive work environment by supporting each other through weakness and hardship.
Modesto City high is a very good school because of the community. The students are all connected and all care about each other. The school is known for it's IB program. The IB program is a rigorous program which i am currently enrolled in. Modesto High's academics are taken seriously and teachers care a lot about our education and us. Modesto High's community is so put together because of the fact their parents went there and are familiar with the community and the school.
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Modesto high school is a great place to be and you will be reassured that you will be safe and you will be able to learn from a lot of many great teachers with very high experience that have good experience with the subject that they teach . You can also experience some pretty good food such as pizza and burgers. You will be able to choose a scholarship if you have joined the AVID class and be able to require information about colleges that you might be wanting to attend
Modesto high school has good teachers and staff. When I need help with my homework there is a lot help at my school and Avid center helps out a lot. Whenever something is wrong with my schedule they are nice to help me out and see what they could do with my schedule. And the school counselors are very nice and don’t mind when you have to talk to them for anything.
For the most part teachers were very good. Most of the AP classes prepped my daughter for success in college.
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