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MOC Floyd Valley Community School District Reviews

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It is an excellent environment for learning. The school has various resources making it an excellent place to learn. The staff is also great. The food is not the best, but it's edible. The diversity in this place is not so great. The majority in this school are white, and many of them are rich. Everyone is nice, fake, but nice. Awful at football, great coach though.
I had a great experience all the way from Elementary to Senior year. If I were to change something about this school is some of the rules I don't agree with. If I stay in the area I will be sending my kids here someday.
MOC-FV has an abundance of teachers who want you to exceed, working long hours to make sure every student who puts in the work succeeds. They are very future-oriented and are constantly preparing us for the next step in our lives.
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Over all, I think MOC-FV was a good school. something I liked about it was the class sizes. It's a bigger school which is nice because that means there's more opportunity. Something I didn't like about it is that the staff can be some what hard to work with. They don't always provide you with the tools and trust you need to be successful.
I think Moc-Floyd was a very good school. I think that the teachers are very caring and are always there for you, and want to make sure each kid is safe. They have great resources available to help each student.
MOC-Floyd Valley has wonderful teachers and staff. Throughout my educational career at MOC-Floyd Valley, I have continuously felt valued and important to all of my teachers.
I had A very good experience at Moc. I loved everything about it. I was allowed to participate in anything that I wanted to do. The teachers are great and very helpful. They always push the students to set high goals and give them the resources to reach the goals. I always felt comfortable asking for help with all my classes when I needed further instruction. Coaches were great! They always knew a lot about the game and always taught life lessons along the way. They taught respect, hard work and diligence.
I think that Moc Floyd Valley does a very good job on making sure that the academics portion of the school is at the highest that it can be. Some things that can be changed is how sports are valued very high here and i think that academics should be first.
I loved the community of our small school district. Every one knew each other and the teachers made it their priority to build a connection with every student. One thing that I would love to see change is our school rules on water bottles. Last year the school made it a rule that you must have a completely clear water bottle. This allowed for the staff and faculty to see the contents of it. Tinted yet transparent water bottles would be taken away. This was very frustrating because some students could not find completely clear bottles. Hydration has kind of swept our school, with many kids choosing to decorate their water bottles with stickers and decals. I would love to see the restrictions on water bottles loosened because hydration never takes a vacation!
I would have to say MOC Floyd Valley is a pretty decent school. Most of the people are welcoming and the teachers treat you like their own kids. They want you to feel safe and welcome. The students are pretty good at welcoming newcomers too. As for diversity, we are really good at accepting foreign exchange students. We actually have quite a few of them. Some from Germany, Italy, Guatemala, etc. All of our facilities are lovely and fairly new. Our middle school just got an addition added on roughly 2 years ago in the basement that looks amazing!!! Anyways, I'd have to say that if you're looking to move to an unknown town in the Northwest part of Iowa, I'd have to say that you should give Orange City, Iowa a try. Trust me. You'll love how involved you'll be in the community.
MOC Floyd Valley Community School District provides a safe and positive learning environment. There are many activities and opportunities to get involved with and be successful in. Teachers and faculty provide encouragement and guidance through courses.
I have had a lot of opportunities come out of the MOC Floyd Valley Community School District. The level of education that I have received here has very well prepared me for the future and going into college and my career.
The overwhelming amount of support my community had for their students expected nothing but excellence from us. Even if we didn't excel quite far enough, each teacher was determined to not let any individual fail without reaching out to help them first. Each teacher had a patient manner, but still had a firm hand with each student, while always expecting them to try and give their best. -- Mike Mulder and Mark Gunderson would always address the student body with one motto, "Make it a great day or not; the choice is yours."
MOC-FV is a really great school. I feel safe when I walk in the doors, and get a great education. The weakest part about our school would be the athletics. As an athlete, I have not had good experiences with coaches. I have been told that I always make the team lose, and that I should just go out for another sport instead. These statements have only lead me to work harder in my sports.
MOC-Floyd Valley fights the small town stigma and works to encourage students to embrace diversity and make a difference in our society.
Great school district. My children have benefited from the high quality teachers here. My daughter is graduating next year and will have several college credits completed. The teachers and admin are always willing to listen. High school has been added on to recently and new science and other classrooms are very beneficial.
really good teachers such a nice community and nice staff members there i would highly recommend MOC FLOYD VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS
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Every teacher and staff member is caring and supportive of the students and has their best interest at heart. I have struggled with my mental and emotional health for years, and the administration is always willing to help me work through my personal issues while developing an academic plan to allow me to succeed in school. Not only do they care about how good of a learning environment they're creating for students, they care about the character of their students. They understand well that today's students are the world's future, and they do an outstanding job of preparing young minds for tomorrow.
MOC Floyd Valley is by far the best public school in Northwest Iowa. We have amazing facilities, and the teachers invest in the students' lives. I am a senior at MOC-FV, and I would say that I am absolutely ready to be out on my own at college. The teachers and staff teach you to be confident and independent throughout your twelve years here. The school is located in Orange City. The town of 6,000 has a lot of character, and is very safe. Even if you leave to go to a college out of the town, most people end up moving back to be in Orange City for the school and loving sense of community.
MOC- Floyd Valley is a very accommodating school. Every faculty member is so willing to help and push a student to their goals. The students are so welcoming to people and kind in general, as there are many extracurricular activities for everyone. There of course were bad days at this school, but it is impossible for a school to make it a perfect place for everyone. There are amazing aspects to this school district and their sense of community is the strongest.
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