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I go to the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science. It is a really good school. It has boosted my confidence and taught me how to deal with failures. The food is not always the greatest but it’s better than most public schools. The people you meet and friends you make here are some of the best people I have ever met. I’m so glad I applied.
My elementary experience with the Mobile County School system was very pleasant. The teachers I had during that time were very passionate about their jobs and their students. Because of that I was able to develop the learning skills that I needed to for the rest of my school career. Middle school and high school were a different story. My school was more relaxed which can cause many students to develop lackadaisical attitudes towards their school work. I would love to see more passionate teachers in all off the schools to push and encourage students better. Looking back I now wish that I had that extra push throughout my entire grade school career.
I have been a student in the Mobile County school system since kindergarten. My overall experience has been pleasant. Although I play sports and love it; I feel that there is a need for more art and music opportunities without having to attend a private or prep school.
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The Mobile County Public school is Alabama's largest school district. My rating is very good. The system needs more diversity. The lunch program is poor.
The systems does focus on college readiness. I'm a proud product of the Mobile County school system. The school system has upgraded the safety procedures in my school.
For one of the largest counties in Alabama, it does a decent job with keeping regulations up in almost every area. The exception is cafeteria food. I do appreciate how certain cafeteria workers will try to create a more diverse lunch menu, but the lunches are just repetative and losing their appeal as time goes on.
This county is also the first in Alabama to get the Cambridge program, a fast-paced and rigorous academic program. However, this program isn't well thought out as their scheduling isn't flxibile at all and they have no clear end goal for the student's within the program. Sadly, what should be a shining achievement for the school has quickly devolved into a glorified AP/ IB program.
I really like the diversity of the student population at my school. MCPSS has also given my school a very advanced security system so I also have an added sense of security when I go to school and I don’t have to be fearful about going to school.
I went to Allentown K-5 and I had a blast for my 5 years. Now I am at Ben. C. Rain High Shcool and I like this school but this year is different. They are focusing more on everything else but the academics. We will get suspended over the littlest thing now. I am starting to think that I am in prison with little freedom. I hope things will get better over the year before I graduate.
I like that I had the opportunity to graduate high school early. I would want to see Murphy High School with a dance girl team.
Mobile County Schools are big on diversity, academics, and each High School has a specific career pathway program to ensure you are College Ready. I will be a rising senior at Davidson High School and I have been a part of the Engineering Pathway Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) Program since a freshman. Other schools have their own pathways such as Welding, Aerospace and Aviation, etc..The school system created these STEM pathways to make sure we are College Ready and give us an idea of what we want to do in life. There is something for everybody. They are currently working on a million dollar security system that was issued to us by a grant from the state. So as far as security goes, they are trying to make our schools safe. The food isn’t great, so I usually bring my own lunch. However, it is free so some people may think differently from my opinion. Overall Mobile County is a great and they are always working to improve and make our schools safe and up to date in technology.
Mobile County School System has been consistent throughout the past 13 years and I would recommend the schools further into the West Mobile area as those are the only ones I can vouch for through personal experience. The cafeteria food could be better but it is a government funded lunch so you cant really complain.
The two Mobile County schools that I have gone to were great schools that offered me great educations. I feel that they both had their ups and downs, and they could've worked on keeping their campuses cleaner.
Great school!! They want the best for you and want to see there students to succeed. I’m glad to say that my school district is mobile county public school system.
As a sophomore coming from a school that held over 1200 kids (Oak Mountain High School), coming to the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science was a great change for me that I desperately needed. Not only do I live in a school with a greater sense of community than I have ever experienced in my entire life, but I also live in an environment that strives for higher education and is not afraid to challenge its students. I could not be happier at any other school than I am with where I am currently.
I think Mobile County Schools is a hard working community with encouraging teachers to help educate the students. There is a good amount of structure throughout the system, but a lack of security in some schools. I think it would be more comforting to have more officers on campus.
t school is great and it has great staff and student. they could change the food because its not good. my friend went her and he said it was great, i stop at my home school for a visit, i miss my old school its way much better i miss home.
What I like about Mobile county schools is that there athleticism of the students that play football. Majority of the students that play football or any other sport are diverse and or unique in the way that they play. This is the force behind the students wanting to do good in school and achieve the goals that they have set for them selves. When you have a dream you strive as hard as you can to overcome any obstacle that is set before you. There i are a lot more of good things about Mobile county schools that I can talk and brag about . I think we have one the best school systems in the world. I think that the Mobile county schools take pride in being part of the reason the NCAAF has so many great athlete's. And in closing it's and honor to be a part of a school system that helps produce first academically incline students and athlete's second because you can't achieve know goal without having and education first.
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I enjoyed Mobile County School when I was in school. But now that my kids on are Mobile County Public Schools they are having so much problem and troubles with bullying and its not just fellow schoolmates but teachers also.
Some teachers have shaped me more than others and some haven’t but it has been pretty helpful. I’ve learnt life lesson from my second grade teacher mrs Steiner who helped me through so much when my sister passed away that same year. Then others who didn’t help me at all.
I’ve been a student in Mobile County since pre-school. I’ve met so many influential teachers who have helped me become the young lady I am today. Although I favored some teachers more than others, I learned something for each of them. My transition from each grade level was smooth and I was prepared for what was yet to come. My Mobile County School, John L. Leflore will forever be a part of me.
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