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Being able to enroll in dual credit classes is very nice. It will help get ahead in college. It also gives me the opportunity to take classes from different colleges/universities so I can see what each school is like.
Overall good. Need for more after school / weekend activities such as dances, non sport events, etc. Need to find ways to get more parents involved in helping and assisting with school and non school activities.
Mitchell High School isn't my first choice of all high schools, but what am I saying this is my first full school year here and where I'm going to graduate so I'm making this year smooth as I can for myself. All three years of high school of my life was well spent at a boarding school in Anadarko Oklahoma, called Riverside Indian School. I met people from different states, cultures and backgrounds. This is my second week of attending Mitchell so far so good.
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It was OK. Wish there was more emphasis on the students' mental health. Most teachers were great, some were bad (showed favoritism to their own kids). The students in general were really nice and friendly, but I guess that just depends on the crowd you're stuck with.
I love that I am able to freely come and go on my own and have freedom to prepare myself for my future
Mitchell school district has been a great experience for me. I came into the school during the eighth grade. I was a shy kid and the school helped me become more outgoing. There are a few students who are bullying others and not much can be done about it, according to some of the administration. The kids in the school are very smart and very active in school activities. There are many social media pages dedicated to keeping people updated and pumped about current activities going on. Daily announcements give a list of school activities going forth two weeks. This keeps everyone very informed and involved.
The school district is very welcoming and has an amazing group of teachers and administration people.
I loved going to school in Mitchell. The teachers were all really friendly and they gave a lot of good advice. The counselors will give you some good advice when applying to colleges.
Mitchell High school was an okay school that focuses on going to college after high school. the district could improve on the school food quality and having well educated teachers.
Overall was a great school. Teachers were nice and helpful. Safety was never an issue. Food was okay. Activities were great.
Easy to use and very convenient. Highly recommend to any students in search for scholarships to bring down the hefty tuition.
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