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kids are not ready for college when they get out
my child went to teacher for help and couldn't get any multiple times
only had two teachers that were genuinely interested in her success
office and sro violated her ferpa rights and gave out info that was not allowed to an officer without a court order
Mitchell High School is an excellent school. I highly recommend your child attending MHS. The teachers were very friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond to teach my daughter not only academics, but how to succeed after High School. I look forward to my son attending in a few years.
Mitchell county schools is in a small community, with everyone having close ties with everyone else. There is not a lot of diversity but that is not the schools fault it is about location and the size of the community and school. In my opinion it is hard to get high school students ready for college because they do not fully grasp how much they need to do to prepare.
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The Mitchell County School system has wonderful teachers and a variety of different courses. The district is perched up in the beautiful Appalachians providing a great atmosphere for learning about the environment and the history that has take place here.
My favorite thing about Mitchell County Schools has to be the teachers. Although I would consider Mitchell County schools to be average in other areas, I have had the opportunity to connect with great teachers, in all subjects, which is awesome. This interaction with knowledgable and compassionate instructors has influenced my success as a student, and for that I am extremely grateful. Some aspects of Mitchell County schools that I would like to see change include more clubs/ organization involvement opportunities; a greater focus on environmentally friendly practices, particularly regarding the cafeteria; and more support for the arts, whether musical or material.
Mostly good teachers, mostly nice students. Wish the County administration was better. Some of the teachers are not great, but overall, the teachers that actually care make it worth it.
Mitchell County Schools really care about their students. It is in a wonderful community, with people who are kind and helpful. The teachers are wonderful, and they really try to help the students succeed. The academics are excellent, and the school offers many activities other than just studying.
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