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Mitchell County Schools Reviews

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The Academic Program at this school is awesome. They are very diverse and welcoming. They provide opportunities to help the child grow and develop as a responsible adult.
I love my school system! In Mitchell County, you don’t feel left behind. I also feel that Mitchell County is excellent because you are ahead than other school systems. Majority of our highschool student body are taking college level classes while still in highschool.
Mitchell County Schools have been a great experience for me. I have been attending this school system since I was in Kindergarten. The teachers are very caring when it comes to your work. I have always received great help from my teachers, administrators, and superintendent. This is a great school system to be a part of!
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I love my school always have always will great school and wonderful academic. There is not a school that I would put up against us and feel that we were less than them. We prove this everyday by the way our school is put up in many school academic programs and much more. What a wonderful school Mitchell County high school is.
I like how close knit the schools is. I love how the school can be your home away from home if you let it, and it's a very small community so everyone knows everyone.
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