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We have many people who are very active in their clubs and other activities. The school still needs to work on trying to get kids grades up and the number of kids we have dropping out. I want to see more college prep and also more teachers motivating kids.
Mitchell High School was an experience that will be difficult to forget. The teachers were unprepared but fair. The school lunch selection was all together terrible, our foreign exchange students were disgusted. There school was pretty safe, but if there were to be a time that it wouldn't be, there would be no one there to help. The academics were all-in-all take it as you get it.
I enjoy the classes offered and the teachers are very informed as to what they are supposed to be teaching. I haven't had any trouble with classes other than one I had to do online.
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Mitchell is a small town in the middle of Indiana. It's not much to brag about, but it's my home. I've made countless friends and memories here. Mitchell students tend to be very kind and accepting overall and the classes are enjoyable. Our sports teams are fairly good. I love to watch the games with the student section. The louder the better. Mitchell doesn't deserve all the crap it gets, it's really a pretty good little town.
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