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I graduated from the Missoula high school Sentinel four years ago. Sentinel is a pretty good school, the teachers were awesome! While I was there the Principle and Vice principle were not the best at relating to the students and did not seem to have the best interest of the students at heart. Overall the school was really good and I'm glad I was able to attend school there.
Big Sky High School has an open campus and is very welcoming to students. The staff and administration are very committed to helping the students be successful.
There are people of all kinds here in Missoula, and even if you think your an outcast, you’ll fit in somewhere.
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I would like to see the teachers have a bit more voice in the administration. The teachers are the ones interacting with the kids every single day. They know what is really going on, and what really needs to be done. The administration is like some foreign power. I would like the students to be informed of the goings on in the administration, and also have a bigger voice at the individual meetings.
I enjoy that teachers are willing to make phone calls or schedule meeting to correct or even compliment student and areas of good or bad. They take extra time out of the already busy days they have to ensure that every student is meeting the mark. I do wish they would take into account that all students do not learn the same and as such some may need a different teaching approach.
I was not overly impressed with this school. I wish that there would have been more preparation for college from the start, rather than at the end.
I enjoyed going to high school at Hellgate High from 2008-2012. Hellgate had a very diverse and welcoming aspect to the school. You didn't see cliques like you would with some of the schools in town. They also had quite a few options for AP courses to earn college credits. The only thing I wish they had was a prep for life course, where you learn how to balance a check book, how to write a resume, etc.
I transferred to Missoula County the summer before my Junior year from Fairfax County, Va. There were very distinct differences between the two. Missoula has, what it seems, as a lack of hope for some student . It could be due to the fact that many students live in poverty here, but learning felt as more of a joke than a priority. Many look at college here as a waste of money. School itself was easier, but motivation was harder to find.
The counselors, teachers, and staff at Missoula County Public High Schools are dedicated to helping students in every way. They go out of their way to make sure every student has what he or she needs to succeed, even when they have many students to serve. There are resources available for those who want to take advantage of them and the new academies are great, particularly the Health Science Academy at Big Sky High School.
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