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Overall, pretty good. I would like to see more consistency with quality of classes. In one I feel like I am learning and being prepared for college and in another I am hearing about conspiracy theories/watching movies/playing monopoly.
Mississinewa is great for higher level classes and lots of ap classes. There is limited sports and the coaches are not fair with athletes and I’d love to see that change.
My favorite thing about Mississinewa is the closeness between the students and it’s staff members. The administration really takes the time to get to know their students and does their best to help them succeed in school.
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I have gone to this school system since kindergarten. I like living in a small town and knowing everyone. the teachers are very helpful and always want the best for the students.
Discipline is not taken seriously enough, however teachers and other staff are very friendly and easy to like.
It was a great school but it shows favoritism towards certain groups. The teachers are great and the administration is very considerate. They want to help you succeed in whatever way they can.
It was a very fun experience. I was only there for my last two years, but it was fun. They give you a lot of opportunities to get involved with the school, and they have a great staff willing to help you accomplish your goals. You can easily get close to teachers as I did in only two years. I had a great group of friends and I wouldn't know what to do with out them
Mississinewa high school inspired and promoted greatness. They put the students first. They offer a variety of accelerated and college level classes to make sure the students have the best education. Alongside education they correspond fun events such as homecoming, convictions, parades, and many more. When putting the students first they take into account the environment, during exam week they bring in games and therapy dogs for the students to participate in to lower stress levels. Misssissinewa high schol is an aspiring school with amazing teachers and staff.
I have had a great experience with Mississinewa Schools for the 6 years I have attended. Students can connect well with most of the teachers and the teachers really care about their students. There have been several teachers that I have really enjoyed thoughout the yearsThe class sizes are just right which makes for an easy learning environment. The AP program at Mississinewa High School is excellent and there are many different options of AP class that can be taken.
The teachers have a personable relationship with the students, at least in my experience. I have made quite a few friends in the school throughout my tenure here.
I love Mississinewa Community School Corporation. The atmosphere of the teachers and students is wonderful. The teachers really care about their students and how well they do in their classes. They help and explain things when they need help. The school corporation also provides a safe and fun learning experience.
The teachers really care about the success of their students. The parents are able to communicate with the teachers and be able to support the student at home with the help from the teachers. There are a variety of activities that students can participate in.
they spend money on idiotic things like astro turf for the football field instead of on the students or infrastructure to keep the building running, needs to update or upgrade wireless for the computers they issue students.
You can tell the administration cares about the students. The faculty is friendly. I have been going here for 13 years and my father went here.
The Mississinewa Community School Corporation has been a great place to grow academically throughout my years of education spent there. I was taught from a young age to work hard at whatever was presented to me, and the programs at Mississinewa have challenged me as a student and brought about growth and maturity in my life as a student. The staff is very caring and extend much kindness to students, even the ones very disrespectful to them, working with them to bring about learning and a complete education that will influential in their life.
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