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Mission Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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The mission district is okay. I attend Veterans Memorial High School. I believe our school has favorites
We were told that we would have a food truck for lunch and that never happened, of lunch has never been good after many complaints, that is my only complaint.
Missioncisd is a almost good school network that has its kinks and needs to improve upon itself. i personally go because there is a greater opportunity for education than my other school district.
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I would like to see more diversity at Mission consolidated independent school district, the lack of diversity is very unpleasant, and very disturbing. Overall Mission consolidation Independence district is a very well round school district. The food there is very unprofessional, they should know that not a lot of students agree with there food choices. Also the teachers there could be consistent with the academics. The club activity’s could also change and be more open to both gender sports.
it was pretty good they just so strict and they aren't that good at organizing. I get a good education and all but they feed us lies. They said the food would improve, but its the same and i don't like to eat it half of all the time.
I would like for the administration to be more organized because they're super disorganized. The people on the district board should be more nicer and be patient and help us out when we have a question or need help. The only thing I like is the grading scale.
It is very good. The teachers are very helpful, and most of the time students are accepting towards new classmates. The diversity is great, there is a large variety of people with different personalities and interests. MCISD allows those students to interact with their future goals, and current interests.
nothing because no one carries for us and they dont give us good food and they always get mad for everything and its trash so overall this is trash and boring boring boring boring
My experience here at mission cisd has been an interesting one. I have learned lots of new things here at Veterans Memorial High School. The only thing that I would like to see change in this school district would be the school food. No one really likes the school food, but it is all we got. Other than that we are pretty good academically, and we are at the top when it comes to sports.
my experience in the mission consolidated independent school district was good i learned a lot throughout my experience in school, i made new friends throughout the years and met good teachers.
There is not much to do in mission veterans besides playing sports or other things all the math teachers are not very good at teaching they just give us work and really dont teach
What I like about the mission campus is that they are very helpful with what students needs. When is comes to extracurricular,sports,and academics they have a lot of them. Plus they are extremely good at it especially the coaches and the teachers. This campus has lots to offer. My experience at Mission Veterans has been amazing they help me with college applications,getting my grades up, giving me motivation when i need it. This school has just been amazing and I wouldn't want to go to another school. Senior year is definitely one for the books.
Mission Consolidates Independent School District is a really good school district. Our school district loves having community events to try and bring as many people out and support the local high schools and citizens.
Mission CISD has amazing resources that will greatly benefit students. Starting from elementary, Mission CISD makes programs such as choir, music, dance, UIL, and even athletics available for students. Middle and High Schools have amazing programs in which students can even receive college credit and hours.
Its been good here they provide everything and there's always room for improvement and the district fixes issues some what quickly
What I like about Mission Consolidated Independent School District is Veterans Memorial High School. This school stands out academically and athletically, and the administrators know how to handle the school. Everything is neatly categorized, from the schedules to special events. Also, the counselors get everything done in the nick of time. They help with schedule changes, people's feelings, colleges ( sometimes), and still remember's everyone's name! This school and Mission Consolidated Independent School District is amazing!
My experience being in the MCISD school district has been eventful, I'd like for the district to change a few things, such as, the population and of course the food. To expand more on food options and not serve the same things every other week. The overall experience is good, everyone sticks to themselves, and the general vibe is peaceful.
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Throughout my years in high school, I have had a positive mindset over my school district, Mission Consolidated Independent School District. I have noticed that my district's goal is to motivate their students, and to help them in every way possible, either emotionally or educationally. I believe that they understand the things some go through, not as students, but also as human beings. They know that if we're struggling outside of school, we will be affected by it, inside of school. For example, there is a program that helps students in need. We as humans can't function without food, and my district knows that,which is why everyday after school students can go and pick up dinner from the cafeteria. This program was also available during the summer. I think that this example reflects perfectly my district's motives.
Mission is such a great city the schools are very great and there job and you feel very welcomed there.
I enjoyed the memories I've made and the life lessons I've learned. I would like to see improvement in the staff being more understanding.
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