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Minto School District No. 20 Reviews

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Minto School is a great place to meet friends and has many opportunities. Being a small school, the teachers are able to interact one on one with each student, which allows for a great learning environment. However, being a small school, some clubs and volunteer opportunities were not offered. That being said, for the clubs and sports that were offered, it was open for everyone, with lots of competition.
It’s a small town and they try their best. There is not much to do if you don’t like sports. The teachers are helpful.
What I loved about my school was its size. We were in the same school k-12. All of my family was with me, it was like a family or community. The teachers were awesome. To improve it I would have more Dual credit courses available for Jrs and Srs.
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I am proud to be apart of Minto High, but I know there always is room for improvement. I have been challenged in school to do my best. Which is good, but I have known that many that may not deserve certain grades get good grades because the teachers ease up on them. I find this not fair to the kids that work hard and get the grades they deserve. Then kids just walk into class and get the same grades because they are there. There is not much diversity in Minto other than Latino and Caucasian, there is not much that we can do to change diversity because of where we are located in North Dakota. My favorite thing to do while in high school was occupy myself with clubs and activities. Since I have started high school we have greatly opened up in the opportunities for students. Just during my time we have gained a trapshooting team, speech team, debate team, academic Olympiad team, and a robotics team.
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