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Minot School District No. 1 Reviews

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I really liked my teachers. I felt like I was able to build good relationships with them. I also liked the career and technical classes that were offered. I took medical careers classes, and I was able to go out into hospitals and nursing homes and get clinical experience. I would like to see more events put on by the school. We have about two pep rally’s per year, but I think we could probably host some more.
Minot High was a very fun school with plenty of good instructors and friendly staff. They offer good classes and they teach them well. They treat you like an adult and are very helpful when you need it. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to enjoy their schooling while receiving a good education.
Education was good, great teachers, poor culture was prominent whhen I was in school and it sounds like that is still poor. I had some of the absoultly best teachers. The entire district suffered from thinking that college is the only option in life.
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We have had an amazing experience with the school district. They have top notch teachers and truly care about each student. The advanced and college courses offered have been key in preparing our student for college.
The teachers and administrators are very involved in the individual student to help them succeed. However, as a smaller school in a smaller town there is less diversity of students, staff, clubs, and activities.
Minot High School has been a great place for me to learn, and I appreciate how hard all my teachers have worked to educate me. The students, staff, and parents all seem to want us to succeed. This has created a fun, safe, and uplifting place to learn and progress.
I've lived in Minot my entire life, and the school system had greatly improved over the years. I was able to have a lot of good experiences here, and there were many resources available when I struggled academically.
The Minot Public School district has many excellent teachers. Almost every single one is there to see their students succeed in not only their class, but life as well. They stay before and after school and try to find fun creative ways to help students learn. It is a wonderful environment that allows students to ask questions and feel welcomed. However, like anything else in the world, Minot Public Schools could use some changes. With Minot being in North Dakota, the snow and weather is not always beautiful. There are times when the school ought to be closed for a day or two to let the city get a handle on the snow that plagues the city. Unfortunately, this does not happen, forcing students to go to school in dangerous conditions. It is unsafe and unfair to students and faculty alike, and I would love to see the district change their policy on what should and should not be snow days.
I would like to see an improvement in some of the teaching staff. I felt that at times the teachers were not very well prepared for their job. I truly have enjoyed going to school through the years here and I would like to see the education become even better. If they were to add a second high school, I feel that the teachers would be better suited for their jobs and the students would have better relationships with them.
My child entered the Minot School District in 1st grade and will graduate in 2019. He has had caring, hard-working teachers who emphasized academics and made learning fun. The student-to-teacher ratio was acceptable and the school environment was relaxed.
Great sense of community! Minot has brought up generations of outstanding people. I am proud to have gone to Minot High!
Minot school district had a great learning experience for students. they have an array of programs that help you get a jump start on the career you want in the future.
Minot public schools were always clean and well cared for. Teachers wee always friendly and did their best t help me with whatever questions I had. If they couldn't answer my questions they would point me to great resources that could. There were great opportunities through schools as well. I received the opportunity to travel to Europe, grow in terms of leadership skills through clubs, and meet diverse groups of people in my community. Character counts was always preached throughout schools and it really made a difference in the way my class treated each other. Although diversity wasn't always the number one priority of the school, there were some opportunities to highlight different cultures and groups , but they weren't as advertised as I believe they should have been.
I loved that school was affordable. There were programs available to help kids that lived in a low income family.
I enjoy the varied classes that are available and all the extra options available after school hours.
I do like that the community is very close knit and valued relationships can be formed that will last a lifetime because we have the time to see our peers and staff so often!
It's a great school district. It would be nice to have grades 9-12 in one building rather than two that are miles apart
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It's an average school and there is major favoritism in athletics. Most of the teachers are great and do their job very well.. others just don't care.
I loved my English teachers because they really put thought into teaching us. I would like to see the school change on how they do their attendance because I feel that if you miss class for a serious reason other than a school activity you should not have to make your gym day up.
I attended Minot public schools. I graduated in 2015. The schools were alright. I had two amazing teachers in the four years I attended high school there. Most teachers didn't care or were to involved with sports to teach you about the course they were there to teach. The food was absolutely terrible. I left campus everyday to eat. Not only was it very unhealthy it all tasted awful.
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