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Minooka Community Consolidated School District No. 201 Reviews

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So happy with every teacher and every staff member. In my opinion it's the best schools in the area I'm not change my kids to an others.
Personally I really like Minooka High School. I feel like the school is preparing me very well for college with the dual credit courses and AP classes. There is a class for students that are at all different academic levels. Minooka has really good teachers that know what they are teaching to their students. Also, the school has a wide variety of clubs, activities, and sports; there is an activity for everybody. Overall, the school is well-kept and clean. To add to the school's environment, I feel like Minooka Community High School is a safe campus and I have never felt unsafe while being there.
Great experience at Minooka. There’s a lot of clubs...something for everyone. The food is decent too.
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I liked the community as a whole but there were many flaws dealing with racial prejudice and fairness between different students and clubs.
Minooka was a great school filled with a wide variety of students and teachers. They offer many classes that each student can choose to best serve their needs and further their education.
It is a average small town school. During the fall we have football games and homecoming. During the winter it it pretty quiet and boring. Once spring comes around sports and testing are all around
Minooka community high school is a safe and fun environment and I am glad I got the opportunity to attend that school for 4 years.
There were many things about the school that were troubling. The academics and sport programs were up to par, but the students were always dealing with discrimination among one another.
I really enjoyed my high school. The teachers and staff were great. The food could have been better. South campus needs more decorating.
Every single teacher I had, whether it was a teacher's aid or another teacher that I would pass in the halls, always made me feel welcome and comfortable. I loved how they gave us their full attention and cared about our well-being and academic success.
Minooka Community high school is a good school but the things i would change is the rules because they were to strict to a point where they were excessive. you would get in trouble for the littlest things.
I loved Minooka Community High School. First off, this high school had the best teachers. Most of the teachers wanted the students to succeed not only during school but later on in life. All of the teachers prepared me for life after college. The education at Minooka Community High School is amazing. There are a variety of classes to choose from. Many people get to choose classes based on what they want to do in life. Minooka Community High School is an excellent school.
The composition of my soul, my geranium, has germinated and blossomed under the roof of Minooka Community High School. The food is nothing short of spectacular.
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