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Minnewaska School District Reviews

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this school provides the basics do you need for the future. the people are sorta nice but soooooo funny! bullying happens but not too bad. some teachers suck and could care less about you and your life and think you should have a lot of homework. others are very nice and help you and are understanding that we have other things happening in our life. the sports at this school vary in skills. some are good and some are complete trash. the coaches are very nice but our athletic director only cares about certain sports. the dance team is the lastest added sport and is growing very fast. they have improved so much this season. our building looks very nice from the outside and is nice on the inside. inside the school during passing periods the halls are very crowded. this school really needs some more gym space. overall this school is nice.
The teachers are great here! Despite what others say, the school is great, however it can be pretty political. If you are not in a sport or activity, you are not really known to a lot of people or get a lot of recognition.
The school was ok. The majority of teachers are kind and caring. However, there is a large amount of drinking and partying among the students.
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I like the teachers and the classes. The best thing about minnewaska is it is a small highschool and you get to have better one on one time with the teachers and they will help you if you have questions.
I have three girls in minnewaska and had minimal problems there. Teachers seem competent and willing to be helpful.
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