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AMAZING good people, education, safety, diversity, teachers, activities, sports, administration, good resources, facilities, counselors. i could go on and in
As any decent school district, the education is fine but the way the BOE uses open enrollment to fill their coffers is negatively impacting our children’s school experience. Schools are busting at the seams, classes are conducted in hallways and actual classrooms are shoved in libraries so the district can enjoy money from people who for some reason want to enroll their children from outside the district. The language immersion programs are a huge attraction from these open enrolled families but if your child is in a non immersion classroom, prepare to feel neglected (it is a non immersion classroom shoved in a windowless room in the library at our school, naturally).
My overall experience at Minnetonka has been nothing short of my idealistic high school experience. I have gotten the chance to have been taught and mentored by exceptional staff. The teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals and other staff members truly have the students best interest in mind and want to help the students excel while in high school and in the future. There are so many clubs, activities, and extracurriculars to get involved in. There is something for every type of student whether you are into robotics, chess, basketball etc. The kids create an overall inclusive and supportive environment.
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Minnetonka is a great school overall with highly educated and qualified teachers. However, the school is very large and can be overwhelming at times, this increases the competitivity for academics and making sports teams. Being at the school can make you feel like a small fish in a big pond.
Minnetonka while large in population caters to every one of its students through help from counselors and individual teachers. A great experience and amazing time as a student.
What I appreciated the most about Minnetonka were the academic opportunities presented to the students. It allowed for students to learn at their pace and get ahead if they so desired. It really pushed peers to strive to work hard and value their education.
It's good, they prepare you well, love the clubs and activities. The high school has to be the best one, everyone is nice, and there is a lot of diversity. There are definitely a lot of acedemic options like AP and IB and Vantage.
Education was incredibly good. There was a huge emphasis on excelling and being the best which created a lot of tension and stress. There was also a lot of homework. However, I learned a ton and it really prepared me for college.
A good school if you want to be prepared for college, but the academic pressure placed on students by administration creates an environment toxic for students' mental health. More could be done to help students with depression and anxiety, seeing as there are a lot of them struggling with it. There are groups that put up a front that the school is doing things to support mental health, but the "resources" that students are provided are seriously lacking.
It's a tough school with great teachers who seem to really care about their students! I've been in their system since kindergarten and feel very prepared for college.
Minnetonka School District prepared me for my future. The district helped me achieve my goal of attending Auburn University from the moment I stepped in the door for Kindergarten in 2005.
This high school is one of many opportunities. They provide a vast array of electives that help students decide what their career path should be. The one complaint would be the lack of diversity on campus.
I loved going to Minnetonka! The teachers were amazing. I just wish it had been a little bit more college prep.
Minnetonka schools offers challenging courses and many different clubs. I had the opportunity to study Further Math, which was only offered to 400 people in the world.
Minnetonka is a high rated school. They have many courses and activities to choose from. However, they do tend to focus mainly on the high achieving students or the special needs students. If you are anywhere in the middle, you are not as important. Overall, the experience was good.
It’s a very good school district academically. I love the surroundings, the welcoming teachers who are always ready to help you.
Minnetonka's district is great with the impression of pushing kids to do harder places. One problem I have is that once the kid starts to fail, the teachers dont care until they have reached an F.
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My time at MHS was great! I loved singing in the choir and my relationships with my teachers. In addition, I took some IB courses junior and senior year and was able to earn some college credits. Those courses helped me become a better writer and I felt prepared for the workload and my writing intensive classes!
Minnetonka public schools was a really good school district to go to. The teachers and staff were super helpful with eveything that I needed help with. There is a ton of clubs and activties to get involved in. The food they have there is really good for being a high school. They had nice buildings with nice equimpents in every room.
Minnetonka has so many opportunities and resources to offer its students. I am a member of the IB diploma program at school and it is nice and I am glad the school offers it. Although this district has so many opportunities, it is extremely challenging. It was voted most challenging school in the US one year and I know the school likes to show that off but the students are all so stressed out all of the time and no matter what class you're in you will get boatloads of homework to do. The school also likes to show off a lot higher achieving students which is reasonable but there is never really a chance for students not taking such rigorous course loads to be showcased.