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Minisink Valley Central School District Reviews

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I have had a very good experience and terrific teachers who really care. They have really made me want to go to school and learn.
Minisink Valley is an amazing place to grow up. From Friday night football games, to pep rally, and graduation, everything is amazing. The school is run well, and the teachers really love their jobs. Everyone is there to help you and see you graduate and pursue your dreams. Truly an amazing school.
Minisink Valley overall is a good school with good students who have bright futures. There are many incredible teachers who have left a positive impact on their student's lives including my own. Some renovations could be done on bathrooms. Good academic programs, College/AP classes, and athletic programs and clubs. Lots of opportunities to get involved as well.
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I have been very happy with the teachers my child has had. Most have gone very much out of their way to help my child. The support we have received has been wonderful.
I really liked all of my teachers. They have prepared me for my journey to college. I have such great memories with all of my teachers. My time at this school had been so rewarding and enjoyable.
Minisink can be a great place. Most of the teachers are great and they offer a lot of different classes. Unfortunately the school is having major problems recently because of a racist comment that was sent out online. The school is not very diverse which causes a lot of problems.
I’m not very involved around campus. The teachers are awful, for the most part. There are a few such as Ms Trocka or Mrs Rufino that make school worthwhile.
The student parking sucks! We already have to walk half the length of campus just to get to the building and I heard they’re taking most parking away for construction next year.
Minisink ok school for rural geography. Westchester or Bergen better. Sports are biased. Resources are not good for learning disabled.
I'm very happy with this district. They have met most of my childrens' educational needs. Some of the teachers are superb. This is a close net community in which there is parent involvement.
The school is overall very safe, and the student body is made up of good kids. The school also has outstanding music and drama programs.
A place where you could feel at home. Teachers are always ready to help and always had positive attitudes. Great opportunities to get college credit from OCCC while taking the classes at MVHS. Multiple clubs and sports to always be involved in different activities.
my overall experience was good. When it comes to certain classes I find them easy, mostly because of the teacher who taught me. They did it in a way I understood. Even though some teachers are rough I found a way around it. My guidance counselor played a part in helping me get through my four years of high school and I thank him for that. As well as my teachers and friends. I grew over the past four years and I am happy to say that I like who I have become.
As a parent, I do not feel they prepared my child well for college. I was disappointed in the math department where students did not have textbooks and teachers did not teach material well. High numbers of students failing regents.
Minisink Valley was my home for over 10 years. I started within the district when I was in preschool and graduated from there as well. At the time, I did not see how beneficial and great each and every staff was. Now, that I do not go there anymore, I realize how much of an impact it had on my life. I will forever be a Warrior and I am proud of it!
I have spent my entire life in the Minisink Valley School District. I am rating Minisink Valley average because of some of the problems I encountered with staff. In high school, students take at least five classes a day along with participating in extracurricular activities. This is time consuming for many. High school is supposed to teach a student time management and Minisink lacked in that field. Teachers were giving students too much homework. Students are taking at least five classes and teachers can sometimes give up to two hours a night of homework for just one class. This often lead my acquaintances and I to fall ill because of over-exhaustion and frustration because of poor grades.
My high school experience was fantastic. The student body was filled with so many people I’m lucky to have known; people who have impacted my life beyond anything I would’ve thought I could get out of high school. The teaching staff is wonderful. Many of my teachers taught me things beyond the curriculum, life lessons I’ll take out of the class room and into the rest of my life.
I like the campus itself. I will never teachers here either because I loved them or they made it hell here.
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I believe that Minisink offers a good high school education with many extracurricular activities for students to be involved in. If Minisink was to change anything with their academics they may want to add a class to teach basic skills to students that they will use in life. This class could teach the students something useful each week or every other and it could include subjects such as cooking, how to do finances, how to fix a flat tire, change oil, sew, ect. I'm now in college and this isn't stuff you are taught. High school is suppose to prepare students for college or what ever they choose after, having a course that can teach them how to do basic skills in life is vital to success.
Minisink is a great school. The teachers care about students, in and outside of the classroom. The traditions are great, they make being a warrior that much better. Not a very diverse school.
This was an acceptable school district. They have some advanced/AP classes but having more opportunities would be better. Some teachers really care and want the students to succeed but there are a few teachers that do not seem to care much.
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