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Minford Local School District Reviews

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What I like about Minford Local Schools are the teachers, and the sense of community that we have. Whether attending since kindergarten, like myself, or if you transferred your senior year you feel so welcomed by the teachers and students.
Pretty average school for the area. Has teachers that are excellent and some that end up being taught by the students. The ones that are great make it worth it though.
love all the teachers, they treat everyone like family. love all the coaches who helped me in my athletic careers.
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My experience is awesome with the staff. I couldnt be more happy about the school i go to. It makes me really happy and ready to have my daughter in October.
Overall a good school. Only issues I’ve had are that some of the teachers act like kids. For example talking bad about students to other students. Also singling out and making fun of kids in front of class. This is the only school I’ve attended so I’m not sure if that goes on everywhere.
Minford is a nice school with room for improvements. It has a nice set of buildings and good location.
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