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Minerva Local School District Reviews

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The teachers in Minerva school district and amazing. They love and care about their students. However, they need to work on college/real world preparation.
Everyone works together to help every student succeed. Teachers help parents be actively involved with their child's education.
I have been going to Minerva Local Schools for the past six years. I am a senior this year and I absolutely love Minerva. Everyone is so welcoming and the staff is awesome. I have made many close connections with other students and staff. The teachers work well with students.
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Minerva High School along with the middle and elementary schools, are places where students are cared for and taught well. The staff cares for their students well being and does whatever it takes to make sure students LEARN concepts.
What I really liked about Minerva's school district was how much available one on one you get to have with your teachers as you move through the learning experience. You definitely get that "small town" feel, and when it comes to school, it can be very helpful. Throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, Minerva offers plenty of activities and events in the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom. Lastly, throughout my time there I hardly saw any bullying. Actually, I don't think I can think of one single major incident that ever occurred during my time in Minerva Local School District.
The best part of the school is the opportunity for college credits while still being in the high school. Otherwise this school lacks in most departments. It's focused on certain people getting all that they want and others being pushed to the side. You have the chance to learn and grow from this all though. Overall it's a little more intense small town, who you know and who you are attitude.
What I like about Minerva Local School District is that the small town community always comes together if anything major is happening. Anytime there is a senior night or even just a big rivalry game you can count on the whole community showing support for their Minerva lions. The only part of the Minerva Local School District that I would change is the lunches in the cafeteria.
I went into the Minerva District when I was in fourth grade. Everyone was very welcoming. The one thing I would like to see change would be the equipment used within the classrooms. I feel they could be improved to prepare students better for college.
I have been moved from three different schools. Minerva was by far the best one yet. The staff is so friendly and you can tell that they genuinely care about your education. The extra curricular activities that are offered are amazing. It allows every student, no matter what they are into be involved. I would like to see other sports become just as important as football was. It seemed as though thats all our athletic director cared about.
The people acted stupid and immature. It was hard to fit in the groups because the groups were surrounded by the cool kids.
I feel as if Minerva has a very personal relationship with both its students and the students parents.
I wish that my school prepared students more for college and provided more resources like challenging courses. However, my time in Minerva has been extremely pleasant otherwise.
I love the fact that at Minerva High school, everyone treats each other as an equal, everyone knows everyone else, it's a small place. Also, Minerva gives students every possible opportunity to help students to get their grades up and/or pass the class. Our teachers are very helpful and caring about the students.
The comradry of this school system is unbelievable! So many talented students and staff to really make Minerva Local School District stand out among the rest!
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