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Could be better if they had stronger academics (such as more variety of AP and Honors classes). The students have potential but require more resources in order to succeed within and beyond the walls of high school. Although the school has a lot of school spirit, the administration itself should focus more on advancing academics as opposed to brandishing the school in "Battlin' Miner" insignia.
I personally do not believe my high school prepared me for college. my academics were subpar and not challenging. when I was placed into college I was put into the lowest percentile due to my SAT score to which they did not prepare me for at all. I didn't have the money to take classes to prepare for the SAT's which resulted in my low scores.
Currently enrolled at Millersville University majoring with a BFA. The school is okay it has a small campus without much to do there and older buildings that might be in need of an update, but the faculty I have experienced at MU are what made this school worth every penny. The entire art department is very dedicated and if you want to get the most out of it they will help you the whole way. Personally I'm glad I didn't transfer somewhere else and miss out on working for years with these individuals.
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Awards and scholarships should be given to many kids in the graduating class, not same 5 kids. Schools are required to spend numerous hours on standardized testing and it takes away from class time.
I understand that Minersville is a small town with a close community; however, such an establishment is not used to promote the school whatsoever. Due to much nepotism, the average student has no chance of excelling and gaining scholarships/recognition unless he/she plays a sport. That being said because the academics at the school are quite poor, many officials of the school and much of the community focuses on the sports aspect of the school (as a means to promote the name of the school). This is rather unfortunate considering the fact that there are many pupils who hold the potential to excel to greatness. Perhaps if the school offered a more rigorous curriculum (such as Honors classes and more AP classes) there would be a possibility of the institution receiving a higher rating from me.
I have had amazing memories made at MAHS through the sports & with some people around me. I have learned a lot about myself and also the others around me. As I leave this part of my life behind, I would like to see some changes happen: be more strict with the very lenient dress code or get rid of it completely, and I would also like to see disciplinary actions towards the kids who don’t obide by the rules.
I have spent all four years of high school at Minersville and I don't have the best experience. The teachers are very good but I feel that my college readiness isn't the best. If I could change things here at Minersville I would add more advance placement classes, have more options on classes and have the students decide. I would also make the lunch menu more diverse and not have the same thing every week.
The Elementary school principal is great . He takes every students issues seriously.
Thy have the buildings. One for all preschool and kindergarten, one for grades 1-6, and 7-12.
I would love to change how the school is run. I do not enjoy going to school because I feel so confined to conform to the standards of our school.
I love my high school, there are many activity, clubs and sports to be involved. The teachers truly care about the students and the administration is always available to help.
Minersville Area School District may not have the best PSSA or Keystone scores but it sure does have some of the best people around. I will cherish every memory I have had since I came to the high school in eighth grade. I have made some of my best relationships there and I hope they last forever.
I love our school because it has many events to participate in after the school day , like volleyball, football, soccer, and even drama or yearbook club. Our school has some of the many wonderful well rounded teachers who are willing to help no matter what problem we have with anything. Minersville has been my home school since I was in Pre-K and I would not want to go anywhere else because of this wonderful academic institution. Minersville is the school that I want to graduate from because of all the wonderful things my school had to offer. Minersville is the school who helps everyone get the education they need and want.
Over all, Minersville is a great school. Every where you go, you will see good and bad people. Over the past few years, I was provided an excellent education and I feel that I am well prepared for college. One thing that I would like to see change is the favoritism and the sports. No matter what grades you have, if you play sports you are part of the "cool cliche". I would like to see this change. You do not receive any awards or honors based on your grades. You only receive awardsome based on the activities you are involved in. I am involved in activities outside of school that I do not recieve enough credit for.
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