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Mineola Union Free School District Reviews

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The school tends to really focus on the technology aspect of learning which is bitter-sweet. In the High School, the first floor is beautiful with a VR set in the library, 3D printers, and many more. Unfortunately the third floor has old lab desks that have leaking faucets and deteriorating countertops.
i am an 8th grader. i have seen many people vape. our. music system is good. and STEM the rest of it needs improvement.
The teachers were great and there were many advanced classes available for students to take. There are advanced and regular tracks for students to take depending on their academic level.
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I am currently a Mineola High School senior. I've been going to this school since 8th grade and I honestly believe that safety is there number 1 priority, which is lovely.
Mineola is the reason I want to purse a career in teaching. The teachers are very dedicated to their students and the guidance counselors are always doing their best to help students in and out of the classroom. Mineral also has an amazing music department which was my favorite part of mineola it is the place where I felt most comfortable, this is also the place where my best friend and I became friends. Mineola has given me so much and I want to become a teacher so I can make students feel as amazing and comfortable as mineola made me feel.
Mineola is an amazing district far ahead of neighboring districts in technology and academics. Why mineola always gets a low score is beyond me. I have taught in districts around the area that are ranked higher and I can tell you that mineola is far better.
Mineola is an amazing district! What other districts on Long Island give every kid an iPad, are completely paperless in the upper grades, and have modern seating in the classrooms that allow kids to write on the desks in dry erase? When you visit you will notice the clsssrooms don’t look like they haven’t changed in 50 years. They have flexible seating and grouping. No chairs attached to desks in rows. The kids learn coding and it is embedded into the subject areas, they have a lot of opportunities for research based learning in the middle and high school, and their science labs are top notch. Mineola is far more advanced than many of the other districts in the area and it’s ratings will continue to go up because of this. The home values are higher than many areas because of this. Mineola is an amazing district!
Excellent school district, both of my kids are excelling in their classes and state exams. A friendly and safe environment with wonderful teachers who support their students in every way possible.
Mineola Union Free School District is a place that is changing the lives of many students. Even though there are some setbacks about the administration and food, it is overall a place where students can learn and grow. Mineola is known for being proud of being the first school to use iPads to help students become educated.
I had an interesting time in the Mineola School District, although I've always felt out of place with my peers the teachers were always there to support me and help me get through high school.
Mineola offers more STEM programs then any other school district in the area including programming for all students starting in kindergarten.
Apple has recognized Mineola for there one to one iPad program which was also written up in time magazine.
I am also very impressed with the dual language program that starts in kindergarten. They have a very forward thinking administration that partnered with a local college to bring college classes to the high school students as well as partnering with local companies to give them real life work experiences.
Mineola is a hidden gem that does not get the credit they deserve I wish I had these programs as a kid.
Music departments and drama productions were stellar at the school. Academics were not as stellar. Students had to make decisions on their own concerning college and career opportunities in their futures.
Mineola High School was my first public school experience and it was the best decision I could have made!
My favorite part of Mineola's school district is the music programs. Because of the classes and teachers, I was able to learn multiple instruments, and participate in multiple choirs. Other than that, however, Mineola isn't really specially known for anything. Our sports teams are alright, and our education is alright. We're really only known for our music.
The Mineola School District has allowed me to take a step into the direction I want to pursue with the rest of my life. Through the education, staff, and activities I have been able to explore new things and discover who I am as a person.
There needs to be more emphasis on arts and preparing students for their specific future. Overall, great school district with a lot of unique opportunities.
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