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Ever since I moved here my grades have improved greatly. The atmosphere here is amazing and the people are wonderful.
It’s a great school. We have a great sports program. Our band is best in the state. We upped our safety by a lot!
As a high school student going to Mineola the school was okay compared to the other schools around it. We have a good band and athletic department. The only thing that I did not like about the school was that the building was old. It is very bad
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I have been enrolled in the Mineola education system since I was 3 years old and now I am 15 years old. Looking back on all these years, I honestly wouldn’t want to attend to any other school district. I love my school because I️t offers so many opportunities for the students. For example, clubs, UIL academics, athletics, band, and so much more. Mineola offers an abundance of support to our students and faculty, in which our goal is to strive to be successfulI️t is know that for every good there is a bad, and I believe that is true. My school is a 3A and on the verge of becoming a 4A. The higher the division, the more people you have in your school. We have a numerous amount of people, with very little space. Therefore I️t makes I️t hard to get to where we need to be in 4 minutes, according to our bell schedule. I would recommend Mineola High School to anyone, though I️t has its flaws, it’s an excellent environment to obtain an education.
I liked that the high school had college classes students could take. Made it very easy on me thru college. Wish they could offer more college classes to choose from.
Mineola High school is preparing students for college by implementing Blended learning and personalized learning.
Mineola independent school district is an amazing school that has demonstrated both academic and athletic achievement. "Pride through Excellence." - that is the school moto, and students are constantly reminded of how they can live by those words through excelling in and out of the classroom. I personally enjoyed my four years of highschool at Mineola, getting involved with clubs and helping the community was the best experience I have ever felt. I won't lie, the food could be better, but the wonderful teachers and safe environment make up for it. But one thing I would want to see change is, you guessed it, the food. But looking past that, Mineola Independent School District is a great school, it was a the school I grew up at, and I will never forget the life lessons I learned, and the magnificent teachers that provided me with an education.
Overall, Mineola ISD provides a decent education for students in terms of academics. The high school and elementary campuses need major revamping to keep students safe. Administrators of Mineola ISD tend to make assorted changes to scheduling and organization each year rather than keep things consistent. Currently, students at the high school are pushed to pursue independent learning styles that prepare them for college.
What I like about mineola schools it has a good sports program and the academics is good to. What needs to be changed is the cafeteria what they offer food to students. One time I found a cricket and a hair in the pineapples pieces. The another thing is to upgrade the schools into a better school in the future years.
I enjoyed the new schedule. Students were introduced to Flex Mod. Last year was the first year my school took action on this schedule, we have made changes and adapted this year to fit the needs of students, faculty, and parents. My school has stepped up on their safety protocol and a larger a majority of students feel safe and know what to do in case of an emergency.
This awesome school district has an outstanding band program that which I had the pleasure of being apart of. I know that Mineola High School has very successful sports and band programs along with academics, most of which have been recently and in the past to the state level of competition. The only thing i would change is the facilities all of the school building desperately need an upgrade.
Tried to transfer my children here. The admin office claimed my kids were home schooled b/c they had attended an online PUBLIC accredited school ONE year. Even after I said they attended a traditional school for FIVE YEARS prior they refused to call the children's previous school for attendance records. This staff is unprofessional at best and incompetent at worst. Don't send your kids here.
My only problem with this school is some of the students who just flat out don't care. Otherwise the schooling is nice, teachers actually care whether we pass or not and they do what they can to help us. With our new schedule change we have a lot of extra time to get needed work done.
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