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Hi My name is Andrea Johnson. I attended MPS my whole 12 years of school. Milwaukee Public Schools have taught me a lot. It is not the best district in the world but its alright. What I love about MPS is they hire a great team, Teachers who actually care about us. Who wants to see us succeed in the world. The councilors and principles care and love us as if we are their own children. We would have not had this type of support if it was not for Milwaukee Public Schools.My brain and body has matured alot. MPS does have things to work on also. School lunch, Snow days and having more music classes. MPS shows students much love when it comes to academics but we also need love for our free time or electives. Also the food we eat here. MPS lunch is not the best lunch we can have. I understand that there is people out here who does not have food to eat and it would sound like we are being ungrateful but lunch can be improved.
There is no funding going into MPS schools which doesn't leave kids with the same opporunities as private schools. Since I go to one of the higher ranked MPS schools my experience isnt that bad however I can't speak for other people in schools.
I've been a student in a Milwaukee public school since k4, now that would be about 10 years and one thing I love is the staff, they try their best to support the students in their schools. The one thing I would change is the food. Once my cafeteria served brownies and instead of powdered sugar, baking soda was put on top of the brownies. Many times my friends and I have not eaten lunch because of the food too.
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It’s a good environment for the student colorful, sprited, and more. The teams make the schools even more fun, like cheerleading, Football,basketball, baseball,soccer, softball, and more. Then the homecomings be fun especially with your friends & classmates. It’s good to get to know most of your school there. Milwaukee school I go to is groppi it’s filled with artist settings thanks to the art teacher Mr.Gass he brings out the whole school with his art work especially the gym upstairs y’all should check it out also the art room. I’m one of his best students, and I experience a lot being there it’s small and calm mostly and everyone is them self’s, I fell comfortable there and it’s a good school.
It's alright. I learned what I needed to and had a decent experience. One thing I would like is for them to listen to people's concerns and try to resolve them.
My experience at the Milwaukee School District was awesome! I wish I could redo high school all over again
While it provides many opportunities for advanced learning and teachers are often very caring, administration tends to lack structure and cohesiveness.
I really like Milwaukee Public School(MPS), the school are very diverse but I would like to see change win student and teacher. If we all work together then we can achieve our goal. The teachers need to be more kind and willing to help student and support student. For students, we need to work harder and respect who are our mentors.
Experience rate is average. MPS is a good district school but would be better if they change a bit. Change their academics way of teaching because students need better knowledge, especially ways on how to study in an efficient way for tests and national wide exams.
For the future I would like the relationships between teachers and students to better. Students shouldn't be afraid to come to their teachers for what they do not understand in the classroom.
In my experience MPs schools could be better. We need more parent/guardian involvement. More funds and a better budget for the schools.
Milwaukee Public Schools gave me a chance to seek and connect to new people that would help guide me in life and build on good learning schools to use in school and outside of school. With all the resources I have, I have to say that I've been successful throughout all my years of being with MPS and I'm proud and grateful that I was able to take part in MPS to develop things about myself that I thought I'd never find.
I had been apart of the Milwaukee School District since the 6th grade and I graduated from the Milwaukee Public School district. I have gone to many school functions and fundraisers and I believe that they care tremendously about the community. They helped us get college ready and focused a lot preparing us for our lives in college. I appreciate the experiences I've had and wouldn't change it. As a way to improve I would suggest that they focus more on parent involvement.
Being in MPS has helped me become a more open-minded person. Also, being in MPS has helped me to prepare for going to college. Some schools are better than others but overall my experience in MPS has been overwhelmingly positive. Finally, schools at MPS not only offer extensive academic opportunities, but also numerous extra curriculars that are helpful in applying to college and creating new skills that are useful throughout life, like public speaking, and improving ones confidence levels.
I have appreciated my 12 years in the Milwaukee Public School district to a significant extent; I have made compassionate friends, and have encountered staff who genuinely care about the livelihoods and education of their students. However, I have had the privilege of attending more highly accredited schools within the district. While this benfitted me educationally, I did not grow up with a diverse student body. Much of this is to blame on the general racial divide in Milwaukee, but also families’ access to resources, including funds for bussing. My ability to attend a higher end school limits my ability to address MPS holistically. In addition, MPS has also experienced numerous tax cuts that has limited the overall quality of education and resources the schools are able to provide. Overall, while I have encountered a group of genuinely caring individuals, there are people who do not put as much care and effort into their schools.
I love that education is free. I would love to see more of a chance for students to voice their opinions without punishment.
The schools here are bad. THe teachers over the years just stoped caring and class size was to big. Also the feel safe thing was a joke.
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As a student in the Milwaukee School District my overall performance in my academics has been great, however the Milwaukee School District has some of the worst reading scores in the country. Despite this, I really appreciate the IB high schools that the district provides, in which you have to take a test to be accepted. I attend one of the schools, Rufus King International IB High School. It's nice to have these schools to challenge students.
Milwaukee Public School District is a good district. It it very diverse and overall a very accepting district.
Milwaukee county district is good because the teachers actually care about the students education. Milwaukee is my 5th school district, and it is the only one where I got the most help with my education. Many of the students create a very bad environment for the school, but the willingness of the teachers to help makes things better.
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