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As being a senior, I have enjoyed my time here at Milton School District. Although I believe we need better facilities for people at a physical and mental disadvantage, on the learning side, I think Milton is superior to surrounding districts.
Milton is a close community with educators who really care for their students' success. Being a neighboring town to Janesville, I hear a lot from students of the Janesville School district that they didn't feel as though they were getting the education they needed. At Milton, especially through the courses I have taken during my senior year so far, I feel confident in saying that I have received adequate education, and, in addition, I have learned a lot of skills I know I will be able to apply to real life.
Good learning environment and resources. However its small and cramped making daily tasks difficult.
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I really like the teachers and the activities, but the facilities are super outdated and we need a referendum.
Better community support for a new building and more funding for music and small sports and clubs, but good Admin. support for music program.
Milton High School is very good, and offers many opportunities while helping its students get into their preferred university or college, but there exists a severe disconnection between the administration and the students. Mental health is rarely talked about, and abusive/harmful language is not punished. Students with bad attitudes are not corrected by teachers, and outside of honors/AP classes, classroom attitude is not good. All of these problems are not addressed by the administration, and the repeated denial of student's wishes encourage a feeling of powerlessness among students.
The school was great but most of the sports team don't or won't have places to practice due to lack of space. The school has a space problem due to increased enrollment which is a plus but leaves the future students in a literally tight spot.
My overall experience has been very good. I have amazing teachers, and I have gotten an amazing education. However, I would like to see the school district become more open and accepting of everyone in the community.
Milton schools were very beneficial to me. They made me who I am and have allowed me to feel very prepared for college. I am very thankful for my Agriculture program that has allowed me to prosper and be as advanced as I am in my level of experience. I made many friends at Milton and had a very good bond with many of my teacher which had helped me to succeed. Milton is a very great school in a small town, although some of their facilities are lacking which is slightly detrimental, it is over all a very good education system.
I like that the Milton School district offers various programs for the arts. The band and choirs are very well developed groups with wonderful, driven directors and students.
Milton School District is one of the best districts locally as far as academics are concerned. The teachers generally work with students to help them succeed and I felt like I was ahead of my peers at other schools.
My experience was great with the academic side of things. I learned a lot, my teachers were always willing to take time out of their family times to answer my questions. I would not have succeeded to my satisfaction if it wasn't for the willingness of my teachers to help me to do so.
However, the facilities and close-mindedness of others prevented my fellow students and me from getting a proper clean high school experience. For example, this past year, we proposed to pass a referendum to build a new school, and update our trashy athletic "facilities". District administrators screwed up on the process, too many people were worried about a small tax increase, and selfishly took action against us, pulling up our signs among other things, and we didn't pass. The school was going to cost $90 million. Instead, our district spent $40 million to paint lockers, and buy custom-made signs for each room in each school, and make the entire districts logos all the same thing.
Graduated from Milton High School In 2016. Had the help of teachers and AP classes to prepare me for college. Preparing for the ACT helped me to achieve the score I wanted and I now attend UW Oshkosh.
Milton school district has a fantastic school environment with some of the best faculty in the Midwest. My experience as a student here is very positive and memorable.
I liked that everyone supported you. The teachers always push us to reach our fullest potential. Plus everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Having our own personal laptop for the school year really helps us when it comes to assignments and note taking.
Milton schools are in my opinion the best in the area. I am a high school senior and will be moving on to higher education next year. I feel adequately prepared for this next step in my life journey and I attribute that level of preparedness to my high school.
Most teachers were nice but learning was hard because the teachers didn't teach in a way that was understandable for everyone
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