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Overall a very good community, the teachers make sure the kids are up to date with their work, and want the kids to thrive.
Milton High is one of the best public school in MA. When I first started there I didn't know how to speak English. The teaches were the best. They were all patient ad understanding.
The teachers, faculty, and staff are all so devoted to all the students learning. The classes are all great, environment is wonderful, and clubs are great. The Future problem solving, model UN, and theatre clubs are especially reccomended. All around a great school district.
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My favorite part of Milton High School is being able to be apart of a community that truly cares for one another, many of us have known each other for several years going through the public school system and those who are new to the school are readily welcomed. Like all schools there are some flaws, school lunch, and rules and regulations, but at the end of the day there is always someone in faculty ready to listen to what the student body has to say, and taking our opinions seriously.
Great curriculums through out the education process. Teachers were well trained and sought out. Very accommodating and understanding. Great programs for music!!! You can start a n instrument in third or fourth grade which continues you on into the choir, band or orchestra. Also have music classes for outside of the curriculum. Great arts department. Well rounded high school. Host awesome events for kids all across the board
I loved the diversity in tucker elementary school. Middle school not so good, loved the Milton high school.
Milton High School had a club for everything. It was so accessible to meet people that shared common interests with you. It was amazing to join with some new friends and all bond over a common interest. Each club had at least one faculty liaison that mentored the organization. Each club also offered leadership positions for the students with a council. This equipped students to get experience in leadership and team building, with collaboration and problem solving as well as a sense of responsibility. The club meetings happened weekly and the group outings were always fun. For me personally, it was leading the National Honors Society American Red Cross Blood Drive, as well as the Outdoors Club camping overnight in New Hampshire, that were the most memorable events.
I wish my school gave me more support to prepare for college. Counselors should help students prepare documentation starting in 9th grade that enables a student to understand options to excel in their portfolio and through scholarship opportunities. I was on my own and that should not be the case for any high school student wanting to go to college.
Milton High School is a very academically rigorous High School. It gives everyone a chance to succeed, regardless of a student's ability. The school offers 21 AP classes, all of which are taught by very dedicated teachers who have a genuine interest in the curriculum as well as their students. There is abundant school spirit, and it is a very inclusive environment where everyone is accepted for who they are.
I have enjoyed my time in the Milton Public School system. I think the best way to have a good time is to get involved in sports and clubs.
Overall the Milton Public Schools are great. They offer a lot of challenging courses that will prepare students for college and the teachers really care about all of the students. The administration can be difficult at times but for the most part everything runs smoothly.
I enjoyed just about everything about my school, it was the best school I couldve went to, there is nothing I would want to change.
For a suburban town, Milton is pretty diverse. Milton also embraces all cultures of its residence which is a nice change from what I was used to in other suburban towns. It's peaceful but very close to the city which is slightly unexpected. It's overall just a great place to live.
Milton Public Schools are great schools for a child to grow and learn to become mature. I have been about of the milton public schools since I was in the 4th grade and I have grown a lot over the years. Seeing my brother going through it now disinteresting because everything is so different. The schools are starting to adapt to the changes in society, be it with gender neutral bathrooms or chrome books in almost every class.
Milton High School taught me many new things throughout my four years. It allowed me to join new clubs and sports while meeting new people along the way. The academics were great and the teachers were always there to help when needed. I wish I could go back to high school but they definitely prepared me for my future.
Great experience at Milton High but Administration kept on getting more and more strict as the years went on.
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