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Milton-Freewater Unified School District Reviews

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Throughout my four years there, I felt McLoughlin was very average. It didn’t excel in much but it wasn’t terrible. For example, there were some AP courses and some college credit courses but few compared to other schools. We had college preparation in our classes but it felt very basic to me.
The school district is small, so we don't get as many opportunities. This is usually because all of these opportunites are hidden to most students and can only be found either by asking or being recommendedd to the class.
This is a great school district. It is equipped with a great staff who are kind and helpful. The only issue I have noticed is that the buildings are a little run down, but other than that it is great.
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My experience with MiltonFreewater unified school district was about the best education and best foundation to building of ones success that anyone could've asked for. Small town with schools that lay within the town. Out of the many things I liked about MiltonFreewater unified school district by far my favorite was that you knew everyone and everyone knew you. The only thing I would change about MiltonFreewater unified school district would be to change the sports seasons so we all have more of a variety to participate in.
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