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I would like to see a better busing system in place for those past 5th grade. I think besides a college preparatory curriculum they should have a more concentrated STEM outlook and introduce the latest Microsoft Office suite to those who want it above 9th grade. I also think they should make it mandatory for an Algebra-based math to be taken and introduce Accounting to students in particular programs with gusto.
Milton is a very small school. This does create a more personal environment, so making connections is easy. There a some teachers who really love their jobs, and it shows. The communication between administration and families, however, is quite poor.
I have enjoyed my experience at Milton due to the teachers and the atmosphere that it gives off. We aren't the most school-pride oriented school, but we try. We also have a decent range of clubs and activities to participate in, so there is never nothing to do.
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My experience at Milton area high school was very good and I in joy my school year. The thing that I like about school I was learning new thing ever day, and be able to be in new class that they open up.
I would like to see more help with students preparing for college and guiding them in the right direction. Often students don't know what they want to do in the future or they don't know what they need to accomplish in order to attend college and our school needs more improvements with helping their students prepare for their futures.
I like the staff at Milton very much. The teachers at Milton are great and really want to see the students succeed in and out of the classroom. I would change the overall school attitude. While the staff is very positive, there are quite a few students who are not I would like to see the overall school climate change into a more positive one.
Milton Area school district is a good school but I feel as if more classes should be offered so that students are more prepared for grown up life. I would like to see classes that teach about takes or student loans. Personally I believe if they would have offered such classes the transition between high school and college would be much easier and less of a slap in the face.
My four years at Milton High School has been a blast! I have made so many friends and the staff is amazing! The teachers actually care about their students and go out of their way to help students in need! I would fix our reading skills because they're not the greatest, but they're working on it slowly!
Overall, Milton Area School District has a great staff, full of teachers willing to help students through their academic careers. There are some things that I would like to see changed, such as more communication between students and administration. My overall experience through the school has been good and I feel as though it has prepared me for taking the next steps in my education at college.
Milton Area High School has given me an amazing experience. Here at my school the majority of the teachers sincerely care about the students and try to get to know us on a personal level. Our principal is always available to help and talk about things with us. The worst part about this school is the new laptops we got. They often times don't work and I don't appreciate having to do things online 24/7.
You can get in and get out of Milton High School without getting noticed if you just do what you have to do and don’t draw attention to yourself. I like how we try to keep school spirit alive. However, I do wish the school would treat everyone the same.
My experience with Milton high school was wonderful I was a cheerleader all of my high school career I enjoyed cheering for my fellow classmates for football and wrestling and basketball. I took childhood education. Classes and my teachers were wonderful they guided me to help others. I got honor roll my whole high school career I am very proud to be a Milton panther!!
I enjoyed my classes, and the teachers. They were always so nice, and helping. The competitive cheer team was also my favorite because we competed against a lot of other schools, and went to nationals.
I liked the teachers and the way most of them seemed to genuinely care about the students they were teaching. However, I wish there was more consequences for bullying and poor behavior.
Most of the teachers are wonderful at this school. They take time for the kids and generally really care about each child succeeding.
I liked how it was in a small town, and it was small scaled. It had good academics but was not very organized when it came to what classes the high school would choose to run each year.
Attending the Milton Area School District is very easy. The courses are not too challenging. The teachers here are mostly very cool and helpful. The class sizes are fairly small, so you tend to know everyone and teachers are usually not crazy busy. I wish there were more classes to be able to take.
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It’s nothing amazing but the teachers care about us and love their jobs. The school is clean and functional
The teachers are very nice and veery helpful. The students are friendly. Athletic events are so much fun and the student section is always cheering on the players.
Everyone is so nice.. the teachers are great and the schools clean and well kept. They have a good mix of basic education and technology.
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