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In all of my years in the Millville School District, from being a kindergartner to a senior in high school, I have always felt like I was truly cared for and supported. The sense of togetherness that this district provides is obvious in not only my academics, but also my athletics and in my entire community. Whenever I have struggled in school, I've had plenty of options within the staff who I know will genuinely be concerned and help in any way possible. On the basketball court, I always know that when I look into the stands, or when I am walking down the hallway the day after the game, I will be flooded with support. My school also constantly provides my peers and I with volunteer opportunities within our community - encouraging us to help out and enjoy ourselves while doing so.
Just an average high school experience. Some teachers are good, and others are not. The school is in a very poor district and had limited technology for students. We basically had to use our phones to do anything. They desperately need to upgrade their laptops and student devices. They were undergoing a massive reconstruction and expansion project during my junior and senior years. That was not fun. The guidance department is understaffed for the number of students.
Millville Senior High School was an average school. The teachers always worked to make sure you achieved your goals and if you needed them, they were there. The teachers actually used some of their spare time to help students and tutor them if need be. They were always nice and respectful. The overall school was very diverse. Everywhere you looked, there was a person of another culture. People could be who they were without being judged. The school also had security guards so I knew we were always safe and watched over. One thing I would change about the school; however, would be the food. They need to find a different variety or place for food.
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At millville it is an average high school experience. There are good teachers and bad teachers but it’s easy to keep up with the work given. The rules are not very strictly enforced and at times it feels as though some people get special privileges because of who they know.
Millville Board of Education employees a curriculum that is designed to make kids ready for college. The administrative staff is readily available to meet with parents and the teachers and the district are very knowledgeable of their subject area. I would like to see a change with the way that transportation is ran because there are many students who have to walk to high school that have to cross busy streets. There should be bus service for all kids that live a mile and a half or more away from the schools and that is currently not the practice
Millville Board of Education could use some adjustment. I liked how the schools tried to come together as best as possible, but the teachers and schooling could have done better. The board held the students back from being able to achieve their full potential. I feel as if the Millville Board of Education had a better leader with clear goals then the schools would become better. I wish for the children that the staff would be able to make the areas of the schools safer. I also wish the parents would stand up and help fight for a better education for their children. A strong support system equals a better quality education for every child.
I am a senior at Millville Senior High School. I love it. The food is okay, facilities are not always the cleanest or the best. However, teachers and staff care alot and are amazing. You get what you put into you years at this school.
My time in the Millville Board of Education has been an experience. The sports and learning experience have been great. Joining sports has opened me up to so many opportunities and helped me feel confident in taking advance classes and get out of my comfort zone. Also my time with the Millville Board of Education I was able to join the AVID program,which I have been in for 7 years now, and with that I have been able to represent Millville and AVID by doing the city clean up, adopting a road, traveling to Philly to speak to 3,000 plus educators and many more things thanks to Millville and the teachers /staff that have helped me become the person that I am. The education here is great. The teachers go above and beyond to help the students as much as they can. The food here is not the greatest but I mean what school lunch is the greatest.
I went as a student. It was a very good expericance. The teachers were excelent. I learned a lot and maintained grades of As and Bs. I cannot complain besides the food is not the best.
The Millville School system has prepared my daughter academically and socially for college. She has had great experiences with the teachers and the activities associated with the school.
Overall my k-12in the millville school district was a positive experience. I would recommend this district to all.
The teachers are great but more needs to be done to help educate better like more parent involvement and a revamp of the school curriculum.
Teachers really helped to support and grow my educational experiences. Teachers in the district get a lot of stuff thrown at them, but they really use their resources to help grow the students, especially in a diverse and poor community.
It is a great school district if you are among the low-mid class. I just wish they create more summer programs for Middle and High school students.
I would like to see a better relationship between parent like myself who is actively involved with the educators, like teachers, counselors, etc.
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