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Everyone at Millville is really understanding and helpful. They want to help you achieve and be the best you can be. There are not a lot of students, so you get to know everyone super well. However, it can be hard to get noticed by people outside of Millville. The athletics are also great, but there isn't a lot of school spirit.
It was a chill small school that wasn’t above average in just about any way but some teachers really work above average and put forth a good amount of effort. The best thing going for this school is it’s size in my opinion.
I loved the close knit community. I knew everyone's names walking down the hall. With such a small school the diversity was nearly a zero. It is a predominantly caucasian school. There is a large gap between students groups. The small school atmosphere opened doors for favoritism, bullying, and a blind eye to it. While I enjoyed most of my years here I do know others who did not. Academically the school is average. Its test scores are lower compared to the state average. If a student wants to succeed they will but there is no added push for a student who does not want to learn.
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One thing I like about Millville is how personal everything is; you get plenty of one-on-one attention from your teachers and end up with close relationships with your peers. At Millville, the environment is positive and relaxed yet motivating. I would like to see the library selection expanded as well as some clubs or more activities to participate in.
Millville is one of the smallest schools in the state. This is both it's best and worst qualities. This closeness is felt throughout the school between student and staff. While it may not have the same activities as other schools it is still a great one.
I love most of the teachers here, but throughout my career, I have seen cheating, and it seems as though there is very little punishment. It is unfair to those of us who try our hardest, honestly. Along with that, many of those who are caught cheating are often a part of clubs that represent our school as a whole, such as NHS and Student Council. I would also like to see change in the quality of our facilities.
I love how closely knit the students at Millville High School are. Everyone helps each other out and we are all kind of like a family.
I loved going to Millville High School. I had very close knit friends, and we all got to play sports and do activities together. I loved especially being apart of Student Council. I was able to be the President my Junior year.
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