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Millsap Independent School District Reviews

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My son ended up being diagnosed with severe ADHD and the teachers and administrators constantly told us that he was a behavior problem. I asked if they thought there was an underlying condition that had not been identified and they said that he was a disrespectful little boy with anger issues. After going to Glen Rose ISD the administrators and teachers were much more thorough and after diagnosis (which they helped with tremendously) he is functioning very well. No getting in trouble, no being sent home. The best teachers and administrators make all the difference in the world. Very glad we left. It makes me a bit sad too because I grew up there and loved it.
The sports here suck so if sports are your thing then go across the highway to brock. We do however have everything else you could be looking for.
This school is very accepting and the teachers are very polite! There's so many different core classes and extracurricular activities to fit anyone's desires.
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Good, 10/10, amazing, great, mi gusta, there are not that many kids which can be good but also less competition.
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