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Millis highschool is a great school for average kids, i know many people who have been highly successful from Millis. However, the reason for the low score is the districts special ed department. I beg you, NEVER move to millis if you have a special needs child! If a kid cannot handle regular classes, they will just ship them out to private program, instead of trying aides, resource room, homework reduction, or anything. A friend of mines child with high-functioning autism was sent to a private school for low-functioning autistic's. From an average person, i could see them getting the two conditions mixed. But from a special ed department? Those are the people who run Millis's sped department.
If you move to millis with a special ed child, you're asking for a rough 12 years.
Overall the school has been very good. this school lead me to my love of science and helped me achieve my goal of getting into the college of my dreams.
Small school, big family. The school is outdated but a good community. For being such a small school we have pretty good sports teams.
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The teachers are great and willing to put time working with individuals when necessary. The sports are a great mix of students and that brings classmates together. I would like to see some building updates to help students and teachers work better in any kind of weather which makes it difficult for teachers to teach and students to learn
Currently speaking, I am a junior right now. I have gone through the Millis School system for eleven years and have enjoyed the majority of it. While I must admit that the food is some of the worst I have ever tasted in my life, our sports teams are excellent, our spanish program is unmatched, our teachers are personable and outgoing, and the administration is great! The academics are not as broad as some of your larger school but what Millis' programs lack, VHS make up for. For those who do not know what VHS is, it is Virtual High School where you can select from a large list of subjects that you are interested in and can take during one of your periods during the day using the library computers or your own. The clubs are what you make of them, they are diverse and generally started by students, so your are not limited. The teacher and other staff know most all the students as we are a tight knit community. Us Mohawks are a small school, yet big family!
Good place to go to school. Teachers more than willing to help students meet goals and get to where they want to be in life. Beyond teachers and staff things get a little hairy. Poor building, very limited resources, little outside support make for difficult learning at times. Teachers make up for it though.
Millis is a fantastic town with even better schools. Just as their motto says, they are truly a small school, big family experience. Everyone cares about everyone and teachers are always ready and willing to lend a hand.
I had a great high school experience, but it does need some upgrades. Football is popular but other sports aren't given as much time, and the food is pretty bad. The academics and teachers are great though.
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