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Millington community schools is a great place to put children or teens who are interested in sports, or any other possible extracurricular activity. Millington community schools offer a top-5 football program, amazing teachers, and a great community. The community has gathered many times to help parents,children, or teens in Millington.
I like the small town atmosphere. The teachers make the whole environment very comfortable and trustworthy. The sports programs are well funded and the community takes pride in them. The community itself is very supportive of the school as well.
I had a great experience at Millington High School. I believe that the staff has prepared me for college. The teachers have taught me the materials that I will need to success in college no matter where that be. They also help the students learn the concept of team work. To better prepare yourself, they also offer college courses on site. The coaches at Millington have taught me dedication, work habits, and time management, while helping me improve my skills. The community is extremely supportive of the school and the programs provided. Millington High School also involves themselves in the community, whether it be painting the fence for the library or helping clean up after a festival. I believe the Millington High School has shaped me into becoming the person I am today, and I will carry the lessons they have taught me.
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I like that Millington is a small community, but they could have better safety and better math preparation.
What I liked about Millington was that it prepared me for college and I made a lot of friends here. Last year when I took the SAT test I felt like I had a very good SAT Prep class that prepared me for that test. I think all the subjects they teach here at Millington are very well taught and I learned a lot of stuff in each subject I took here. By going to Millington I made a lot of friends in the process. The one thing that Millington offered that I liked was the opportunity to go to tech center in Caro, MI. I'm really happy I decided to go to the tech center because I've learned a lot from the Marketing & Business Management class I take over there. That class has prepared me for the world of business and what is like. So yes I enjoyed my expierience with Millington schools.
Millington is a great small community that strives to provide their students the best opportunities for college and life after high school. The teachers are willing to help each student succeed in all areas of life. It is also in a safe community.
My entire education has been at Millington High School. I enjoyed it there until I reached high school, specifically Junior and Senior year. There is absolutely no diversity in this school. The politics are overwhelming, and have caused us to replace a significant amount of our staff. Parents are way too evolved in the school, where it affects how students learn. There is basically no discipline at this school, or at least not for he ones who need it. The teachers and administration clearly has favorites and that reflects directly on how students act and their education. The bias at this school is shocking and overwhelming.
My thoughts on this school is students are not academically challenged. Discipline is very weak, children are very disrespectful because the teachers are their friend instead of authority. Disabled students are given answers to homework instead of encouraged to find answers on their own. Students are encouraged to dumb down academics in order to participate in sports. My one daughter was bullied so badly and no one would help her that she left the school district.
millington community schools are a descent school district. I attended that school until i was a sophomore in high school when i transfered schools. Some parts of the school could be changed like putting sports over academics but thats the power of the school not the students.
The community of Millington, MI is very caring and inviting. each of the teachers in Millington is very interested in the personal development of each student. However, the academics are under funded.
I have attended Millington Community Schools since I was able to go to school. My experiences here are definitely different. I enjoy knowing everyone and being in a small town. There are issues I do have of course, but I am proud to go to school here where there is plenty of community and parent involvement. Also where our athletic association is not the best, but I would say it is decent and we always work together to make our sports what they are.
Millington Schools was overall an ok to be at. I believe the academics are improving so much thanks to the amazing teachers that are now there. I wish that there were more academic experiences available, I was not there to be a part of the Cardinal College, but that is definitely a step in the right direction.
I liked that the teachers were always willing to give help when needed. I also liked that the staff was always kind and friendly. If I had to do it again, I would definitely choose Millington High School.
Millington Community Schools is not a well-known area, It is a small school. Millington's athletics is very successful. I do wish they would prepare me for college and the life of an adult. At Millington we have a lot of help from parents, they help set up fundraisers or sports activities. The teachers are also a big help on setting up our school dances and sport events. They are also very helpful when it comes to not understanding a problem in the classroom.
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