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Millersburg Area School District Reviews

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Small school = lots of drama. Lots of sports but usually they have terrible coaching. Few clubs at school. Only one AP class, so it's definitely lacking in college prep and honors tracks. However, the community is very dedicated to their seniors and is able to offer them scholarships in their college education.
My experiences in Millersburg were mostly positive, with only a few negatives. This positives include possibilities in sports and extracurricular, I was in the marching, jazz and concert band. I was also in the basketball and soccer varsity programs. This allows for social improvements and a way to keep in shape. One issue I had was with a school official not taking care of a issue I had on school property, this official ignored my problem which disregarded all respect for this adult I am suppose to go to for help, and this adult ignores what I say and basically told me to suck it up. Other than this one incident I very much enjoyed my years at Millersburg Area School District.
I believe the school district is good in regards to you know everyone and get that feeling of closeness between the students and teachers. However, the administration does not interact with students or see problems within the school as much as they should.
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I like the fact that it's a small community. The ratio of teacher to student is adequate. There are a lot of extracurricular activities to join. The community is a close knit one. Parents are encouraged to participate. They have an exceptional program for fifth graders. Each year they spend a week a Camp Hebron. Juniors and Seniors can apply to be a counselor during that week. It is an amazing opportunity. Even though it is a small high school there are classes that one can take to fast track them to college. They also partner with Hacc. Hacc is a community college in Harrisburg. The school promotes becoming involved in the community. They have a conservation club that does a lot of volunteering within the small community. I would recommend the small town school for anyone.
The small school allows good teacher-student interaction and relationship. However, the administration lacks good judgement with discipline, and the classes and their academic content are below par.
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