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Miller R-II School District Reviews

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Miller Schools prepared me for a very well for My Career in Aerospace Engineering. I have a BS in Industrial Technology from Missouri State and a MBA with an Emphasis in Management from Lindenwood University.
The teachers here are Miller's best quality. Every teacher I have had throughout my high school career has had great knowledge of what they teach, finding new ways to teach students. If a student needs help and is behind, a teacher will gladly help you until you understand the subject well and are all caught up. I have often stayed after school to get help from my teachers, they are a great help and easily your best resource as a student here. What you learn here will not be anything that goes beyond the common core curriculum. Many of the textbooks here are over twenty years old and are in great need of being replaced with new ones. School security is very good, there is a police station a few blocks away as well as an armed guard on campus at all times during school hours. To sum it up, Miller R-2 school district is a good place to attend and it is a great experience.
Over-all my high school experience has been pretty average. It is a small school so there is more one-on-one time.
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The school did not prepare me academically for college. I was in the top 10 of my graduating class, and was not at all prepared to even go to OTC. The faculty and staff do not have any school spirit as well; they pretend to while at the school but once they leave they have nothing but terrible things to say about the principal and school board. There is also no support from the school for academics or fine arts. All support goes to the athletic department. I am currently studying to become a teacher, and received a scholarship from the Teacher's Association which was wonderful. However, they did not inform applicants that you had to wait a semester and then jump through hoops to receive the money you had earned.
I have been asked by underclassmen to come back and teach at Miller, and I can honestly say I would never do such a thing because of the lack of support and funds the teachers are given. I would be very surprised if Miller still had a school system for me to return to.
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