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Miller Place Union Free School District Reviews

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My experience at Miller Place Union Free School District was decent. Many different changes had occurred allowing less activities and fun things to do. As the years went on it was more strict and allowed less freedom for the students. Overall it was very fun and joining extracurricular activities was the highlight of my school experience. I met all my best friends and made the best memories here.
I think Miller Place has to work on giving better opportunities to students through the use of more diversity in the classroom to prepare students for the culture after high school, as well as giving students better options for classes so that they can better determine what they want to study in college. Many classes have been removed during my time as a student and it is very disappointing because neighboring schools have many more options.
The friends my daughter has made is what she likes best. Many of teachers and administrators need to be changed. Too much politics involved in classes that have no business discussing it, and teachers need to keep their mouths shut. They should be teaching what they're supposed to be teaching, not opinions on other subjects. There is also no activities for these kids at all. No homecoming, no pep rally, no field trips. Absolutely nothing for them. It's really such a shame. They punish an entire school for the acts of a few that was done years ago! I wish I had known this before we moved to this town.
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I graduated in 2018 from Miller Place High School. The people in the community are very caring and come together, especially during the hard times we experienced during my time there. The teachers cared about every student's success and well being. My guidance consular was extremely helpful through my high school experience. I took many AP courses in my high school career which helped drastically when it came to entering college, I felt prepared. Administration was very understanding.
I enjoyed being in a relatively small school, I was able to know everyone in my class. I have teachers I will definitely miss once I graduate and they have made taking their classes very enjoyable for me. There are some things about my school that I would have liked to change, like our very early start time of 7:05 AM and the poor cell phone reception. But these are things that I've gotten used to, going to school to see my friends and being in a supportive environment is what is important to me. I have teachers that genuinely care about me and want to help me succeed in my future career.
Miller Place composed of a small community which is nice because almost everybody is on friendly terms with each other. Most teachers have made their classes excellent learning environments and taught us very well.
The school in itself is a nice small school where everybody knows each other but the school is extremely cliquey and nobody seems to get along or accept each other but I guess that can’t really be changed
I like the feeling of a small school, however that means that a lot of classes that I would like to take aren't offered. Even if they are offered I often can't take them because they are only offered one period, which causes major scheduling issues.
It is a small district, so everyone knows everyone. I think that's why there is not a lot of bullying because you knew these kids since kindergarten. The teachers go out of their way to help anyone who needs or asks for help.
I had struggles outside of school, and the administration worked with me to make sure that I got the most out of my education. Sports teams were great and kept me busy. I was able to have my favorite teachers as life long friends and we still keep in touch.
Great social studies, english and science teachers. Class sizes are good.
Beyond Calculus, the math teachers aren’t very effective
Not very great accommodations for atypical learners, but teachers often try to make the best of it. I personally don't like sports, but a lot of students participate in them, and generally perform well.
Missing AP Spanish had to switch to another language my senior year. Also, they did not teach us for the material covered on regents exam.
Amazing individualized student attention. Great class size. The principals, in the middle school especially, knew each and every student and genuinely cared for them. Great teachers who always connected to all students.
Don't drop AP courses even if there aren't enough students taking the class, you are taking opportunities away from highly academic students .
I loved the education I have received and I felt as though most of my teachers truly cared for me. From kindergarten all the way to senior year, I loved my schooling. One thing that upset me about my school was my lack of knowledge as to who the people running the district were. I felt like I never got to meet the people who make big bucks but seem to not be engaging in education but rather in policies and rules.
I do like Miller Place School District. It’s very quaint here and it’s a smaller district, with about 200 per class.
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I loved that it was a considerably small school. Looking back, it's much nicer knowing all the kids in your year than going to a large school and feeling lost in a large group of your peers.
I think my grade in particular shows how well prepared Miller Place has made us. It was highly competitive, even having a 3.6 GPA put me virtually in the middle of the pack. Regardless, my experience was to my satisfaction, though I wouldn't say it was particularly special.
Good place to go to school if you are white with money and like long island people. I was involved with the sports teams, the drama club, the singing groups and the natural helpers club which showed me that i want to be a psychology major. I made good connections with some of my teachers. However i did not have many friends because everyone in the town is very spoiled and privileged and not very nice.
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