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Millcreek Township School District Reviews

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It's a fantastic school district! Millcreek is full of challenges that the students will gain. an abundance of clubs, sports, and activites; there is bound to be something for every student. Millcreek offers students with personal opinion and change, which gives each individual a voice to be heard.
Currently, I am a senior at McDowell High School. My journey with Millcreek Township School District started when I joined Belle Valley Elementary School for Kindergarten in 2005. I learned everything necessary in Elementary school as well as had great access to after school help. Middle School I went to J. S. Wilson where my work began to progress. By eighth grade I was an all A student. Now I go to McDowell and I am in all honors classes as well as an AP level class. Millcreek is really great at placing students in correct academic level and their teachers are amazing at helping students keep up and advance. Millcreek also gives you the option of joining dual enrollment as well as technical schools. I myself attend Erie County Technical School thanks to McDowell and its resources. I am in the Health Assistants Program and plan to attend college for physical therapy. I have very much enjoyed my experience.
The kids are pretty kind despite the obvious cliques that are formed, you can usually find someone you can connect with. The teachers are extremely thoughtful and give a good amount of attention to their students and their academics. Diversity is sadly restricting to any and all minorities but hopefully it has changed. College preparation is not as thorough and pushing as it should be, the standards are pretty low.
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I feel that I have gotten a great education through the 12 soon to be 13 years I've attended schools in this district. The schools are clean, safe, and well kept. It's a good community with good teachers. There could be some improvement with the administration however.
After three academic years with one remaining year, I have realized McDowell has been a vision of the real world. Through each and everyday there is someone different that is met no matter if they are gay, straight, black, white , Asian, nor Hispanic there is always someone who has different beliefs than yourself which help bring culture and diversity. I appreciate the opportunity to help incline my knowledge on how other people think. However, I would like to see improvement with extra curricular activities such as clubs and such they are not promoted as much as for example playing a sport like football. Overall, I hope my final year at McDowell will be a luxurious one. Hopefully I can be the shining light and help bring more extracurricular to my hometown school.
I have attended millcreek schools all my life so i have a pretty good understanding of what millcreek is like. Its full of students and theres always something happening in the community. There always an activity or club you can join and always help you can receive on your school work.
McDowell is a school that has opportunities for everyone! I have had the privilege to get to know my teachers and administration on a personal level despite the large size.
Some teachers are amazing and some of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting, but many teachers purposefully create stressful environments or don’t teach. I’ve actaully learned a lot through the 6 AP classes I’ve taken and the large school allows many opportunities that allowed me to get into honors programs and get many scholarships.
Good academics, many opportunities for students with wide range of interests, good performing arts, robotics and sports programs. It is safe. Don't care for the way administration handles certain situations with staff and students. Would love to see greater emphasis on language and the arts.
Millcreek Township School District is a wonderful place to go to school. I didn't realize how lucky I am to be a part of this school district until I started to visit other school districts across the country on Speech & Debate trips. Some of the schools we visited were a lot nicer, but many schools were much worse off than we are. Millcreek Township School District is truly lucky to be able to provide its students with a quality education in clean, safe buildings. And the teachers and administration at McDowell, in particular, are fantastic. They are are kind, open-minded and willing to help every struggling student who needs a hand-up.
My experience at Millcreek schools has been good for the most part. There haven’t been any major problems that I have encountered. I feel like most of the kids are involved and only some problems occur. Some things that could change are that if you have a problem and tell guidance about it they don’t always resolve it.
The teachers are AMAZING! I can not day enough wonderful things about them or the school. I am so thankful for teachers who care and gave my son the love of school back! I don't know where we would be with our their kindness and support.
I am currently a sophomore in high school and I've attended school in Millcreek Township for my entire life. Academics are normal, at a honors stand point not as difficult as they could be. Teachers are nice, especially at the high school level. Club and activities are extensive as well
At McDowell High School, the staff cares more about the kids who are failing, who have criminal records, and are causing mayhem at school more than they do the kids who actually want to succeed. The school values athletics, which barely ever win titles, and or games in general, more than they do the students. Why is this? They either want recognition from the state so they can obtain funds, or so they can get donors. They decided to build a second sports field rather than to air condition the stifling hot high school, as to where many have passed out and or thrown up in the Erie summer heat. Not only this, but they constantly restrict underclassmen from trying to advance themselves. You are constantly discouraged from taking AP classes until you are a Junior, even when the honors classes just aren't challenging enough. And finally, another exasperating issue is that one of the school board members resides in Florida, and is still making decisions about our schools and children!
Put money into something other than sports and stupid renovations. The arts and other programs have so much to offer and are not being funded at all. The football team is terrible but they are rewarded with a new sports complex.
The Millcreek Township School District does a poor job at preparing students for college. They push for you to go to college right out of high school. They make it sound like you won't ever go to college if you don't go right out of high school. Which makes you rush into applying without really searching for colleges. They don't give you the best information about applying. You're better off going to the local university's to ask any questions. Unless you're an athlete they don't help you. I wish I could say they help honors students but they don't. I have friends who were honors students. Now that they are in college they wish they had better information about their university.
I really enjoy the teachers and how helpful they are. They dont just expect respect, they show it not only in their attitude but the way they contribute to the students work. A very nice school environment. May be they could put education a little more ahead ir sports but overall the school is great!
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While some of the teachers are amazing and life-changing, a few are lackluster. The facilities are less than stellar and the administration officials care more about their salaries than the students. The district is mostly comprised of white upper-middle class students, and anyone different from the status quo may feel outnumbered and out of place. The schools are generally safe, however fights are known to break out at the high school. The district only cares about sports and gives little funding to other clubs and activities. The best club in the district is Exposure (and the coinciding Tolerance class) offered at the high school, where the sheltered kids of the suburbs are exposed real-world issues that affect everyday lives of others.
Millcreek township is located in Erie Pennsylvania. The district covers the suburban areas surrounding the city of Erie. This is a large district, with graduating classes hovering around 700 students. Having attended this district for most of my public schooling I can say that it is the best district in the area for any student. The size of the district ensures that each school has a variety of activities, sports, and clubs for students to partake in. The high schoolers takes each studnents interests and helps set them on a path towards a career, or college. The district has a variety of facilities from the eco friendly, James S. Wilson middle school built in 2008 to the senior HS that has been in the same location for many years. That being said, the district is constantly evolving, making changes, adding additions, and renovating so that each building is in good shape for the students.
I have had many good experiences with the faculty and staff of the Millcreek Township School Distirct. However, the lack of diversity has led to my experience being tarnished by horrific bullying I received by my peers. This was most of the time never dealt with and I had to either deal with it on my own through some non- confrontational way or constantly brining it up to one of the staff members till I got help.
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