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Millbury Public Schools Reviews

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Millbury public schools was amazing and they treated you so well and all the teachers cared about you and the coaches were amazing. I am going to miss this school so much. Long living woolie right here
My guidance department failed me in all ways. I asked for a tutor my junior year, and did not receive one and had to go to summer school and pay a fee. Several other students along w me missed applying to some colleges because the guidance counselors did not send our transcripts.
The Millbury Public School system has very few things to be upset about. The food is fine, the faculty are all nice and involved with students and you can tell that they care. The facilities in the school all seem up to code and there are plenty of facilities. Diversity in the student body and the faculty is evident.
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Millbury has a great staff that is very supportive of all students. There are a lot of different classes to take so it never gets boring
This school has excellent academics, they have taught me so much for my 12 years here in millbury, ma
I liked the amount of effort put into the safety of the students. There should be more done about the bulllying and sexual harassment in the school.
I enjoyed my time going through the Millbury School System. The entire school system has amazing teachers who helped me through personal and academic problems. In high school, the AP courses prepared me for college and helped me advance in college quicker than normal. The Drama Club definitely needs more funding because the students involved are beyond passionate about theater and they have potential they cannot express due to the lack of funds.
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