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I think the school atmosphere is comfortable, however very competitive, which sometimes creates a lot of social tension, drama, etc. However, the different organized school activities and clubs are a lot of fun and I believe cater to all different types of students. There are very personable and passionate teachers, and some not so much, however I have found my own interests pique due to these teachers and classes that were available to me. In addition, I think there are a very good selection of courses, with varying levels of difficulty. Some things I wish to see different are perhaps the workload, more funding in the art and music department, and an environment that is more about learning rather than stressing about competing with peers to attend college.
Millburn schools are great at preparing students for college. Classes are definitely rigorous. They force you to work hard and learn how to manage your time properly. Teachers are always willing to stay after school and help students with material they are having trouble with. Overall great school district!
This is a fraudulent school system. Teachers are hired for after school tutoring and also teach a weekend cram school located right in the high school- not all are welcome however. It’s a special Mandarin- speaking group who come from not only Millburn every Sunday to get a lead on all the other students. This is outrageous and fully sanctioned by the school board. The average student feels horrible and forget it if you are not a natural reader- literacy is not taught to an embarrassing percentage of students, left to languish in special education. There is very poor leadership, a weak and ‘insider’ PTO dominated, real housewives of Short Hills school board. A viscious and brutal school system that now has a shrinking enrollment. Why are there so many non resident students?
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High academic standards but a lot of focus on testing and homework which can make the academic experience a bit stressful.
I enjoy going to Millburn High School, it is safe and like a family environment. The school works hard to get the students ready for college with a good success rate. The head of the guidance department has many years experience which is very helpful for the students. I wouldn’t trade in my high school experience for anything.
Millburn schools not only prepare its students to excel in future educational endeavors, but they also teach students about hard work and ingenuity. Teachers are always there to help, which is fantastic! The students are highly competitive, which pushes each student to do his or her best, however, this competition also causes certain students to bring others down for their own personal gain. Ultimately, the resources and activities at MHS are amazing for its students and each person takes advantage of these opportunties to its fullest.
Millburn High School is an elite and highly competitive high school. While the curriculum is tough and rigorous, it definitely prepares the students well for college. The average ACT/SAT score are very high and most students end up attending to a top 100 college.
Artificially propped up by excessive tutoring and ‘cram’ schooling, teachers are NOT PREPARED for all students and struggling readers are out in special ed to languish. STAY AWAY FROM MILLBURN if you want a child who is intact socially and emotionally.
Millburn school system is a bit competitive, and has very high expectations of it's students. At first it was a bit overwhelming, but now in my senior year, I see that it has prepared me well for my college years and beyond.
Academic prepares the student for success in college. Courses taught at a very high level and very competitive.
A highly competitive environment that may lead to problems. A stratified social structure with a defined socioeconomic hierarchy. Not a kind and nurturing place.

We moved out to Harding Township where we found a more welcoming and genuine sense of community.
The work is challenging, but worth it. It really prepares you, and you can see growth in yourself throughout the years there. The teachers are great in my opinion. I never asked for extra help but they are more than willing to give it. There is no diversity and is hard for minority groups.
Less stress, better communication, better food choices, better clubs, better guidance. Some teachers need to retire and others need more continuing education.
Lots of hw, lots of stress, lots of tutors, one big mess, if your looking to move in order to get a better education, go to either summit or Chatham, your kids wont be miserable, all ids have multiple tutors, some teachers can teach others can't way too much busy work
It's a great, safe place for kids to grow and learn. Everyone's really friendly and the schools are very demanding of their students, resulting in great preparation for college!
My experience at Millburn high School has been pretty good so far, but I believe that it is only because I get along with a lot of the teachers, and administrators, and they know me. The school system itself is very stressful, and I am in mostly average level classes. I can'r imagine how much more stressful it is for students in accelerated classes, and/or Advanced Placements classes. In my experience, the only way to get things done is to go straight to an administrator (which I'm lucky was possible for me) while going to the teacher or whoever else, might not work as quickly, or as efficiently. Millburn has been pretty accepting to me, but also welcoming if I ever needed to talk about anything, or if I ever needed extra help after school. The teachers have generally been supportive, and forgiving, which has been helpful to not only my education, but also to my feeling comfortable in the place that I spend the majority of my time.
Although the school system is rigorous and placed pressure on students to perform, the caring teachers, engaged students, and wonderful resources make this school system a wonderful one to learn valuable life lessons in. I learned the value of hard work, dedication, and time management due to the work load I received. Moreover, the arts program and athletics program at this school system allow for people to foster their passions and become invested in a way to help their community. Overall, the student body is competitive, but it is a community and one I was proud to participate in.
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