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Millbrook Central School District Reviews

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Small town school feel. Wonderful academics offered. School spirit is high among students and teachers alike. In a quaint, yet beautiful location. Faculty is friendly and always willing to help.
It's a small town school where everyone knows everyone. With that being said, students form close bonds with their teachers and other staff members. Even though I graduated four years ago, I still feel comfortable talking to my teachers from high school and they are genuinely interested in my endeavors.
I have attended Millbrook High School for the last two years, after having transferred here from another high school for my junior year. Everything about this school is below average. There is hardly any diversity, the kids are extremely ignorant and self-centered, and the administration is very unhelpful to new students. There are some okay things about this school though, such as the teachers. Many of the teachers will help you out with whatever you need and truly want to see you succeed, unlike many other schools where the teachers simply don't care.
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Growing up in Millbrook was great! Ive been in the district since I was in kindgerarten. Everyone in the town is friendly and very helpful.
The best thing about my high school is the small community. Most of my class of around 90 have all grown up together since Kindergarten. All of us had the opportunity to play a sport if we wanted, and many opportunities with music, clubs and activities. One negative aspect was the limit of teachers for a certain subjects, we didn't have a choice to switch or drop that class if we wanted. Overall, the teachers really seem to care about us and want us to succeed. In senior year 4th quarter, we are given the opportunity to complete an internship in a career of our choice. The community supports this fully and I am really excited to start mine soon. It has been a great 4 years, and I have some really fulfilling, happy memories from high school. I think most students that are surveyed would feel the same.
They push all the right buttons, but in the end, even the very best students are poorly prepared for college and the colleges know it.
No one is getting into a top tier school, or even the next rung down.
Guidance is hapless and it shows.
On the plus side, the kids like it, but in the end, its supposed to be about education.
Millbrook Central School District is perhaps one of the most underrated in the region. From k-12, Millbrook provides a close knit community style education in which the school and community work together in benefit fro the students, whether it be through fundraising from local businesses, or aiding in their High School's Senior Explore Internship Program, Millbrook put's it's students first. Between the smaller classroom sizes that allow the 1 on 1 relationships students need to learn, excellent facilities that include a brand new turf field for all sports, "heart lab" facility located in the middle school, and state of the art Apple Mac Computer labs, Millbrook surely takes pride in using the right equipment to teach and further athletic and other extracurricular skills. As a recent 2016 graduate from Millbrook Central School District, I can say that the faculty of MHS provided me with many opportunities and experiences that have impacted my life in such a positive manner.
In my four years at Millbrook High School, It has been a pleasent experience. With safety being more important than ever these days, Millbrook High School has ensured my peace of mind when I'm on campus. However, my interests and pace of learning is not catered well in class. Quality of life is great with good, new facilities, good school food, and diversity of students.
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