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Millard Public schools are the best school district in omaha. they are good at taking care of the students, no tolorance of bullying or other thing. it is the best school ever
I went to a total of five different Millard schools and what I liked most is that at each school the teachers were amazing. Teachers were always involved and very helpful when a student was absent or struggling with the lesson. Something that I would want to see fix is for all the high schools to have the same help with the ACT as the others. Right now there is only a provided in person ACT help at Millard South and I think that Millard North and Millard West could become better with this help. I would also love to see the Early College program to expand to Millard North and Millard West too because right now it is only at Millard South and I think it is a great thing that kids can get involved in.
I have been a Millard student all of my life, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Millard is definitely undefeated in the quality of education and overall resources available to students like me.
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I think Millard South specifically has a very good academic programs with lots of AP/Honors classes to choose from as well as a wide variety of interesting classes to take. Although it is located in a primarily white area and it would be nice to have more diversity in the school and have more stories and viewpoints instead of just the white perspective. The teachers are mostly fun and engaging, although some can be a bit boring but it's like that in any school. The main thing I enjoy about Millard South is the school culture, which is very active and lots of fun to be apart of.
I have attended Millard Public Schools for my school career. Around thirteen years ago I began the wild ride that is public school and I would not change that for anything. I have met some of my best friends going through this district and I have been able to keep most of them the entire time. My parents have also enjoyed Millard Public Schools and the experiences with them, they have sent both me an my sister through these schools. All in all I have no complaints besides the lack of diversity and politics that go into high school sports. When I look around my school I mostly see other white students, there are not many from other cultures and backgrounds. As for the sports side of things, I believe this happens everywhere and there is not much that could be done to change it.
Millard Public School is a great district for students. The education opportunities there are competitive and informing. As a student there you will learn a various amount of topics to help you decide what career you want to pursue. The only thing I would criticize them on is the amount of diversity. Yet there is not much they can do about that because it is based on the location of the district.
I have been in Millard public schools since my sophomore year of high school. I currently attend Millard North and it is an amazing school. The academics there push each student to achieve their academic goals. They encourage students individually to be successful and ready for their future. The teachers are amazing and do their job to help every one of their students at all times. Millard is an amazing school district that prepares it's students for their future no matter what.
Millard Public Schools is a very good school district with a lot of good teachers. I also think it is a safe environment everyday.
Millard has a high percentage of teachers that care about the personal success of students. It is the support and guidance of such teachers that have inspired me.
I really like the school district. The teachers are good and the facilities are great. The ability to take very high-level classes is great and fun, but the main issue is that a lot of the good teachers tend to teach those classes and not the lower level classes. Furthermore, the district could do a bit more in the area of equipment for classrooms, especially the science rooms.
Great teachers that push me to work my hardest. Many options for different career path classes and a great education.
It is a very diverse and inclusive school district, and I have always felt accepted and supported in this environment. The band program is top notch, and the school is big enough that I can find a group of friends that share my interests and passion for music.
Millard does it's best to provide student's with the best education and opportunities possible. Millard has recently started a #BeKind initiative that promotes kindness in all students. There have been some issue with hiring responsible administrators, but the district works hard to find the best staff members for their students.
It was a nice school, lots of new teaches and lots of familiar faces. It can use a refresh, old interior and exterior.
I have had a pretty good experience with Millard Public Schools. Millard Public Schools cares about their students, academics, and preparing for college. Most of the teachers I had were very good, but I have had a few teachers who were not so good. While there are many different activities from sports to music to speech/debate to volunteer clubs, however, I feel like the school focuses and gives more praise to sports than other activities.
I have been a millard student my whole life I have always been academically challenged have felt the teachers have always been available always felt safe at school and enjoyed many extracurricular activities
The schools didn’t care about the students well being at all. I was banned from the nurses office when I was in and out of the hospital. It was terrible.
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Great opportunities, variety of class choices. One on one counseling and direction. Variety of sports and clubs offered. Close knit school.
I had a great experience with Millard Public Schools. Administration and teachers hold the students too a higher standard than other school district, which I appreciate because it pushed me to do the best I possibly can. The teachers here genuinely care about the well being and the future of their students.
Amazing teachers and great support. A big diversity in classes offered and a great school district to be able to be in. I feel very fortunate to have been able to go to school in Millard since kindergarten.
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