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I enjoyed Milford High school mainly for the teachers. Unfortunately, I did not feel that many of my courses prepared me for college. Furthermore, the school focused mainly on computer sciences and wood tech, I think it would be more helpful to have more courses on healthcare, other than anatomy - although I did really appreciate that I was able to intern at a hospital.
The learning curriculum is good but it’s not great, a lot of teachers say that because it’s a college preparatory class that the kids need to keep up but they need to appeal to all types of kids because everyone learns differently they can’t just speak and expect all of the kids to know what’s going on. Teacher wise they’re getting rid of the wrong teachers. They’re keeping the older ones because of superiority but those are the teachers who aren’t up to date on technology or the way to help the newer generations. As a community the school is highly seperated we don’t have enough intermingle and should have more pep rally’s and activities where the upperclassmen can help and be more involved with the lower class men. The heat and ac don’t work in the classrooms but they made sure they worked in the office. The money should be spent on the students and keeping them comfortable so they want to come to school and not so they dread it.
Milford school district is okay. However, there is almost no diversity, and the way administration deals with certain issues isn't the best.
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It was definitely pretty decent. Nearly all of the teachers were extremely qualified. I think the only instances where they were extremely qualified were when they were testing out a new course. There were more than a few students who got left behind though. It seemed like a lot of the better teachers were either leaving or getting ready to by the time I graduated in 2015 so I'm not too sure how well the school has been holding up.
I like how the teachers (some) would work with you. What I want to see change would be the obvliviouness everyone has with the smoking inside the school. I would love to if it begin to raise money to get new pipes in the school, considering they continue to fall out of the ceilings all the time. AND WE SHOULD HAVE A SPIRIT WEEK IN THE SPRING TO BRING HIGHLIGHTS TO SPRING SPORTS BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT.
Good school. Good programs for extracurricular. Need to give better focus to other college prep classes.
The Staff as an overall makes you feel very welcome but if you don’t get along with a teacher and act poorly with one all the teachers will disrespect you
I really enjoyed my time at Milford School District. The School District left me more than prepared for college.
Our IT department was horrendous, and the administration were very strict. There was many great teachers however. They were knowledgeable and good at their job.
It's been 4 years since I graduated, so a lot of this could have changed. From what I remember, a lot of the teachers didn't seem to care that much about their students or their education. The lunch was awful to the point where I would only eat when they ordered in pizza on Friday's. On the bright side, seniors got to buy special food from "Windows on West Street", which was made in the culinary classes there.
My four years at Milford High School went by faster than expected. I always felt safe in my surroundings. Facilities, technology, and extracurricular activities were average. Discipline was strict in some areas but lenient in others. Most teachers enjoyed their jobs and made connections with student body. Teachers and students were more involved with one another rather than parents per say. Improvements to physical structure of building could be improved.
When I moved to Milford half way through my junior year I was behind on what they were working on and that my classes that didn't really match the classes i was gonna be taking. The teachers helped me out a lot they were willing to use their free time to stay after with me and help me catch up and retake quizzes that I didn't pass because i didn't learn any of the stuff. In college i am looking for something more hands on because that's how i learn best, I am looking for a college that is almost like Milford with getting students caught up and comfortable with the work willing to help them.
I enjoy the opportunities that I have to do for after school activities. I wish that the attitude of the staff was a little better. Some tend to be very condescending and go out of their way to make you feel like you aren't smart enough for anything.
Overall the teachers are really good, the majority are really well educated with multiple or advanced degrees. While some teachers are really strict on the rules but some are really lax about rules.
I am so grateful to have experienced high school with teachers I know care about me and my education. Every hallway screams "we are here for you"; there are posters about job offers, college planning, tutoring, Best Buddies, support for victims of unhealthy relationships, even signs telling students how they can get food if they go hungry at home. My principal is a wonderful leader dedicated to making this school happy and healthy. The students are generally dedicated learners who support eachother and want to be in school.
I've loved my experience at Milford High School. Most of my negative experiences have been from aspects that are not controlled by the school directly, but rather by the surrounding community or the district.
The teachers and overall community of Milford Schools are wonderful, but there is a huge lack in school upkeep. They use the school fund to buy more and more chromebook sets for the classroom, which undoubtedly have helped make the high school experience far greater, or they redo the gymnasium when it was functional at the time. However, the school budget has not been used to fix the ceilings that happen to leak in multiple locations throughout the school on occasion.
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Milford High School really prepared me for college. The teachers that i have had were nice and seemed to really care about my academic success. Overall, the school is very neat and up to date with everything.
The teachers are all mostly very good educators. Of course there are a few that are obviously new and need some experience, but the ones that are good are reallllly good. They are extremely knowledgeable in their subject, and many are more than willing to spend extra time with their students if needed. You can tell the teachers and staff genuinely care about the students' futures. The infrastructure of the school needs much improvement, however. In my time there, the ceiling continuously leaked and even collapsed once. Nevertheless, I never felt unsafe at all, whether against intruders or anything.
The classes offered outside of the curriculum are fun and beneficial. Wide variety of subjects to study to prepare you for college and a future career.
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