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More funding. We should file for government aid and stop trying to act like we've got it on our own. We need a new high school too.
My son had a bullying problem in Middle School, I met with the principal, who stated she would follow up. After multiple calls, I never heard a word. Glad she retired this year, hopefully this will change the culture of three years of hell for my son.
I love Milford! I am a student at the high school and I feel like the environment from the teachers and the admin pushed me to do my best everyday in class. We offer a wide variety of pathways. There are lots of SAT Prep class and lots of opportunities to take the test at the school. Also, I am a three season athlete and I love the sports programs here. Our football team was state runner-ups, our wrestling team is five-time state champs, and our softball team won the state championship last year. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a great, normal high school experience.
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Although my fellow students tend to be rowdy and a little irritating, overall Milford provides a solid education for those willing to put in the work. The teachers, especially in the honors/AP classes, are exceptional and willing to work with you in order for you to succeed. The sports teams are either good or bad, nothing in between, but supporting the teams is great fun. Students can be obnoxious, but this behavior can be encountered almost anywhere.
My experience st this school district was amazing. Each class had a closeness that was unmatched by the time graduation came around. My peers and I gone through everything together from losing fellow classmates to having our peers take their lives. Through all that Milford School District was there for us rather it be collectively or individually. I’ve loved the compassion and sympathy they show for us. The only thing I’d honestly change is the course material. I believe it should be more challenging.
I had a very good high school experience, the only issue I had was with my guidance councilor. He was lazy and didn't send my transcripts to my top college pick. He continuously told me to apply to our local community college instead of pushing me to reach for higher level schools.
I went my whole school career through the Milford school district. Beginning in my middle school years, the district started to really take a big decline and they were running out of money which contributed to a lot of their problems. By the time i was a sophomore in high school, all the best teachers started to leave because the district could no longer pay them what they deserved and the conditions of the school were lacking. Milford is a public school system where they make the students wear a uniform and only enforce the rules half of the time. Most of the teachers are lacking in skill and unfortunately the students are taking the brunt of the districts cuts.
The teachers and administration at Milford High School were extremely supportive of me with whatever I needed. They're really fantastic. The district has been losing money, though, and without community support the schools are losing important resources like music programs and amazing teachers.
It is a very good school that focuses on education and prepares you very well for college. Education comes first in Milford School District but not only do they make sure you learn, they make sure you are having fun while doing it.
I was able to make a lot of new friends at this high school. The athletics at this school is good. The teachers are respectable and will offer their involvement if you show them your respect.
Milford School District does the best with what it has, as it currently is lacking in funds to purchase more recent textbooks, computers, etc.. Overall it's a nice school but could certainly be improved.
I had a wonderful experience at Milford and really enjoyed learning with my best friends. The staff are great and the extracurricular activities are amazing. I hope they keep making learning interactive and fun.
Milford School District is by far one of the most involved and hard working there are. For example, our District conducts what is called "Haunted Hallways" which is essentially a safe, indoor, trick-or-treating experience open to the public. We also have a fantastic sports program that improves every year. Our teachers go above and beyond the standards as seen in the AP scores at our high school. The one improvement Milford School District could make is to hold more community meetings to ensure that the public is fully aware of new policies and current events that will take place.
The new school is really nice and It is well organized. I get along great with the people there. I wish, though, they would start up a girl lacrosse team. I also like that anyone can use their tennis courts. I enjoy playing tennis with my friends there and they have a series of well maintained courts.
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