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Milford School district is very good, the faculty are very committed to helping the students and the vast majority of students are committed and motivate each other. Reflect the friendly and positive community.
I like that the teachers are always there to help and have office hours in case you need extra help after school. However, there is not much diversity within the school system so the students lack the opportunity of meeting other students from various cultures
Milford schools are better than some rating websites might suggest. My son went to MPS from kindergarten to 12th grade and he had a wonderful overall experience. He is now at a highly selective college and he feels prepared. (By the way, I am a high school teacher so I have the experience to recognize a well-run district. MPS may not be perfect, but it can hold its own with districts that typically receive the highest ratings in the state.
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Milford Public Schools has provided a great high school experience for my son with special needs. He graduated with a 3.9 GPA and is.going to a 4 yr college. The resources that were provided to my son where wonderful!
My high school years have been great and very memorable. I was very involved in sports and academics. I feel like I have made the most of my four years at Jonathan Law.
I have attended Milford public schools for the past seven years and I am grateful for all the experience and knowledge it has provided me. the teachers are kind and insightful, and make students feel like family. The school athletics are fantastic and the facilities are up to date, and the academic community is what makes the district strong.
Excellent school system. If you are motivated you will be rewarded with a really solid education. Diverse socioeconomics are another plus, as students come from all walks of life.
helpful teachers help me achieve second honors; staff always willing to help after school; lots of opportunities to get involved with clubs and activities
It was an amazing experience. Everyone was so helpful to get me ready for college. I couldnt have asked for a better place.
schools are nice with very good facilities and resources.
need to be more competitive.
very nice events organized although the year
Milford schools have smaller class sizes for a more proportionate teacher to student ratio. With students receiving more individualized attention, they are more like to be given the tools needed to succeed.
All the teachers tend to live in Milford or went to Milford schools as a kid. Everyone is friendly and very diverse. The teachers really want you to pass and are willing to help if you try your hardest.
Milford public schools enables me of be able to learn in a safe enviornment. I was encouraged to be myself and find my own passions through the school system. Milford public school providided me with a solid academic basis that helped me achieve Hugh marks and honors when I transferred to private school for high school. The teachers were welcoming and willing to work through any issues I had with a topic. The faculty was friendly and I felt a strong sense of community within the school
I love the Milford School District. I was a high school senior last year who lived in Milford their entire life. I made amazing connections with the teachers who really helped me excel and get ready for college.
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